Download TutuApp VIP Free | Pokemon Go Hack [Live Again]

Hello everyone. Tutuapp, as well all know made all the Pokemon Go trainers go mad over it. Tutuapp would let you download a tweaked version of Pokemon Go, using which you could travel anywhere in the world. But, lately I’ve noticed that my 1500 words guide on how to download Tutuapp failed to solve all the new problems being faced by the users. So I decided to take the matter in my hands. What I discovered was that Tutuapp has transformed and is now available as Tutuapp VIP. Many people have misconceptions about the VIP Tutuapp that they’ll have to pay in order to again hack Pokemon GO with it. Read this article as I dig into each of your queries.

download tutuapp vip free

TutuApp is Back As TutuApp VIP

If you check my previous article on Tutuapp, you’ll find many comments claiming that Tutuapp can not be installed now. I’ll be honest with you guys. Yes Tutuapp now gives many errors when trying to install it in the typical manner. These issues were more than expected, as one by one all the Pokemon Go hacks were being seized by the Niantic. But, a few know that the Tutuapp developers have very smartly cloaked the Pokemon GO hack by introducing the TutuApp VIP.

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pokemon go tutuapp vip

What Is TutuApp VIP?

First of all let me tell what exactly Tutuapp is. Tutuapp is a 3rd party app store which consists of various smartphone apps. Tutuapp is available for android as well as iOS and hence caters demands for both sides. Now, TutuApp VIP version is like a premium app. You gotta pay the subscription fee for the Tutu App VIP version. Against it, you can access all the premium features of the TutuApp, which are obsolete in the regular version.

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Now, this is where the Tutuapp played it smart. The new Tutu app Pokemon Go hack has just shifted from normal Tutuapp to the VIP tutuapp. But, you don’t necessarily need to pay and subscribe to the VIP Tutu app version. You can install the tweaked Pokemon Go without installing the Tutu App VIP version. Read the instruction below for more on this.

TutuApp VIP | Pokemon Go Hack

  1. Go to
  2. You will see a huge download button.
  3. Ignore that and focus on the “Pokemon Go” above it.
  4. Besides a yellow triangle, click on the Pokemon Go.
  5. You will be redirected to a new page.
  6. Here you’ll see a small button with some Japanese text and “Go” written on it.
  7. Click that button.
  8. The Pokemon GO hacked version will be downloaded.

Now, the only drawback is that this method works only for the iOS users. I’m yet to figure out a working trick to download Pokemon Go hacked using TutuApp VIP version. But, if I’m not wrong android users are not facing any serious issues in download the TutuApp using the conventional method. I’ll however try to find something which can help the android users as well. Till then, cheers to the iOS users. Download the Pokemon Go tweaked version with the help of VIP TutuApp and get back into the game.

In case like Tutuapp, Tutuapp VIP is also not working for you then I strongly feel there might be an issue with Tutuapp or your smartphone. But I still want you guys to be able to use the Pokemon Go joystick hack. And after these many days, I’ve finally published an article on the list of Pokemon Go joystick hacks available online. It does include Tutuapp as well. But many other reliable ways to hack Pokemon Go has also been included there. One of them is Fly GPS, which is very popular and working hack for Pokemon Go.


  1. Hi, when I go in to tutu app. Vip, I cannot see the Pokemon go about the installation button. Why??? Pls help. Thk.

    • Please check the first image in the article. There is a text Pokemon Go and a small triangular button.

  2. I don’t see any Pokémon go image either???

    • Not an image, it’s a text. Turn on Google Translate on the website. Just below the logo of Tutu App, you’ll see “Pokemon Go” written.

  3. Can this be done on iOS phone or does it have to been done on a desktop or laptop

  4. Hi, after the 7th step, it takes me to the settings to install it, but instead of installing, it brought me to a safari page that’s completely in Chinese and has a red button. I am an iOS user btw

    • Please check that you’ve clicked on the right button. Working all fine here.

      You’ve to click on the small triangular YELLOW button.

  5. HELP! On IOS, when enter there’s nothing saying Pokemon Go, no text, no image, nothing… T’heres only de download button.

    What we have to do?

    Thanks a lot

  6. Hi I think the initial missing link was the web link u posted earlier today. Was able to see the yellow triangle, went all the way to verifying the certificate and installation of tutuapp but as the installation comes to an end, an error msg pops up saying “unable to download apps. Tutuapp Regular Free version and 2 other applications failed to download”. The tutuapp’s icon now is just frozen on my phone until I click on it n the whole cycle of “unable to download” will restart yet again.

    I have already reset my network settings as well as uninstalled the original Pokemon app. Neither of which worked. Pls help? Thanks

    • Can’t figure out why this must be happening. I would suggest uninstall the Pokemon Go original version and try again. Don’t know if that will work as well. As a last resort, if everyone is facing the same problem, then it might be an error on their side. We can just wait till they fix it.

  7. IWantThisHack says

    Hey uhh..I wanna download it for Android and i cant find a trieangle.Help

  8. Yellow button just leads me to purchase VIP app instead of downloading game. Can ops confirm if this still works for him or they just updated the site please.
    Will save time for lot of people

    • Yes, you are supposed to download that vip app. When you pen the vip app, you will get Pokemon Go inside that store.

  9. Ivan Vanjhard says

    Hello..I can’t download free tutu-app..I downloaded it but I had problems on pokemon go when I clicked home and pokemon go didn’t work so I delited it and I tried 2 download tutu-app again but I can’t..It says that they are fixing bug..Can someone tell me how can I install tutu-app again for free?

  10. Ryan graham says

    Hi I’ve installed the nodded game but when I try to run it .. the game tells me to update. Is there a updated modded game

  11. Why does it always say cannot connect to when I download the regular one?

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