Pokemon Go Joystick No Root Hack [Working]

Pokemon Go has been the best game of the year without any doubt. But I personally thought that the craze was taking a downward leap with time. To my surprise there still many people trying to figure out the best Pokemon Go Joystick hack without root. Users have been looking for a reliable Pokemon Go hack of Joystick, which can help them play the game while sitting at the same place. No matter however unethical it may be, using a joystick to play Pokemon Go surely might excite anyone. So we are going to list down the available hack for Pokemon Go joystick without root here.

There are different ways to approach this Pokemon Go joystick hack. We wish to cover all the users including android and iOS. The fact is that not every hack might work for both the kinds of users. We will try our best to find the working Pokemon Go joystick hack for android as well as iOS. But again, not all of them are 100% efficient. Nintendo have been keeping a strict watch on apps like Tutuapp. Many of them have even been banned.

1. Fly GPS

Fly GPS is basically an android & iOS app which is used to tweak the GPS location of smartphone. Some really intellectual folks have tricked the way out to use this app and play Pokemon Go from one place. Many have already used it and we’ve received a mixed feedback. For some people Fly GPS is working wonders, but for some it’s not. There’r no harm is trying out as you might land up in the former group. Follow the procedure below to use the Fly GPS Pokemon Go joystick hack.

  • Download the Fly GPS from the app store.
  • Now you’ll have to enable the developer option to use it.
  • Go to Settings>Developer Options and tap on the Build Number repeatedly.
  • It depends on the smartphone, but after some taps the developer options will be visible.
  • From these options select “enable mock locations”.
  • Select the “Mock locations” and from the list choose the Fly GPS app.
  • Turn on the GPS location from the settings and start the Fly GPS app.
  • Select a location some meters away from your location.
  • Avoid choosing a location kilometers away if you don’t want to get banned.
  • Tap on the Red Mark and select menu.
  • Here under “GPS Service Run” select “Joystick Location Pokemon Go”.
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That’s it. Now when you’ll open the Pokemon Go game, you’ll find the brand new joysticks to move around. Using this technique of Fly GPS app, the users of Pokemon Go can play the game without moving around the city and still catch Pokemon, fight at the gyms and hatch the eggs. There are few things that you should take care of while using the Pokemon Go joysticks.

Things To Remember While Using Fly GPS

First of all check if the compass, which is found at the lower right corner of the smartphone scree, is aligned properly. Ideal alignment is the vertical with red needle at top and white needle at the bottom. If the alignment is different in your smartphone, then the joysticks might behave weirdly. Users can position the joysticks anywhere in the screen according to their convenience. While moving the joysticks, they may disappear sometimes. To get them back repeat the procedure from step 5-6 above.

Pokemon GO Joysticks hack

One should also not try to cross the city while using these joysticks. The reason is very simple. Not every hack is 100% efficient. If Nintendo catches this mischief of yours’, then your account might get banned. If you get an error like “failed to detect location”, it’s probably because of the slow internet connection. You could try to work out the things by setting the GPS to “High Accuracy” mode from the Settings>>Location Services”.

2. TutuApp For Pokemon Go

Another well known app to get the tweaked Pokemon Go is Tutuapp for android and iOS. Well, Tutuapp is actually a marketplace for apps. But the developers of Tutuapp have also tweaked the original Pokemon Go and uploaded the hacked version. Using Tutuapp, users can download this hacked version of Pokemon Go. Now, the speciality of this tweaked Pokemon Go version is the built in joysticks which come in it. Yes, this version of Pokemon Go which you can download from Tutuapp has a joysticks hack loaded in it. So all you have to do it download Tutuapp and then search for Pokemon Go in it.

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We have already covered an article about how to download Pokemon Go from Tutuapp. So you can follow that article to get the joystick version of Pokemon Go. But there’s one thing we would like to inform you about using Tutuapp. Users will have to uninstall the original Pokemon Go which they are using right now. Yes, this is an essential step to install the tweaked Pokemon Go joystick version in your smartphone.

I guess these two above are the best known ways to get the joystick in Pokemon Go. I agree that you might find many of them on internet, but most of them would be fake and the rest of them won’t work as mentioned. Or work less than 4 in 10 times. So, I would suggest everyone to try the methods I’ve stated above to play Pokemon Go using joysticks. Enjoy!