Fake Location iPhone Without Jailbreak [Pokemon Go]

Pokemon Go has made people to search for the fake location or technically a GPS spoof. Why? Because some lazy people like me want to play the game without having to roam around in the city. I don’t want to get out of the house and spend my valuable energy in finding Pokemon. What if I could play Pokemon Go without moving? What if I could use a GPS spoof for Pokemon Go? What if I can fake location in iPhone to play Pokemon Go from home? Yes you can. But I don’t want to jailbreak my iPhone. No, you don’t need to. We will explain you how you can fake location in iPhone without jailbreak to play Pokemon Go.

fake location in pokemon go

Pokemon Go Fake Location Without Jailbreak

I’ve been trying to lay emphasis on Pokemon Go, but you can use this technique to fake location for any other purpose as well. Of course I don’t recommend to use this for any evil acts. This is just a simple Pokemon Go hack to fake location and play Pokemon Go without walking.

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Let me first of all clear, what all apparatus you’ll require to fake your location in Pokemon Go. Obviously, you need an iPhone. I guess you’re here only because you have one. But, apart from an iPhone you’ll also need a Mac. Yes, this is very important. Since we are avoiding the jailbreak on iPhone, we need a proxy to do the work for us.

How To Get Joysticks In Pokemon GO

In this technique we’ll use a Mac to spoof our location. If you’re ready with everything, we can go ahead any fake location in iPhone without jailbreak to play Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go GPS Spoof/ Fake Location Without Jailbreak

First of all start you Mac and install this app called Xcode. Xcode is the app which will help us change our location to anywhere in the world while sitting in your bedroom. This means that you can catch Pokemon in United States, or Japan while playing Pokemon Go in a third country.

  • Once you’ve installed the Xcode app, start the application.
  • Click “New” and under that “New Project”
  • You’ll get several options, select “Game” and proceed.
  • Next, give a name to the project. Just give any random name.
  • The project will be initiated in a few seconds. Now make sure that your iPhone is connected to your Mac.

fake location iphone without jailbreak

    • In the top bar of the Xcode, select a device and among the list pick your iPhone which you’ve plugged in to the Mac.
    • Under the “Product” in the menu, select “Build for running”.
    • The build might take a minute to get completed. After it gets done, click on “Run” int he top left section of the Xcode window.

  • After you’ve clicked on run, a new game named with your project will get launched automatically on your iPhone.
  • Now, on the top right corner, you’ll see a few little icons rectangular in shape in the Xcode window.
  • Click on the second last icon and it will toggle a section at the bottom of the Xcode window.
  • Spot the location button from the icons that have recently popped up. Under that select any location you want to teleport yourself to in Pokemon Go.
  • Open Pokemon Go after selecting a location.

Congratulations. You’ll find yourself standing on the streets of a different country. Now just increase and decrease the coordinates in the Xcode to move around in the streets. Find new Pokemon and collect stuffs from Pokestops.

Pokemon Go Fake Location / GPS Spoof Video

Here, I would like to suggest everyone that, never teleport yourself using this fake location in Pokemon Go to a very larger distance. For example, if you’re in US, do not teleport yourself to Tokyo. This will soon result in a ban from Pokemon Go otherwise. So play wise and teleport to near by locations.

Maybe you this technique to collect Pokeballs and other stuffs form Pokestops in your locality. I hope you’ll use this GPS spoof for Pokemon go in a smart way and not get yourself banned. You can even check out the video if you’re not able to follow the steps above. You might get a better idea. Enjoy!

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  1. Not only fake location, we can get free coins by using Pokemon Go Hack Coins for android iOS!

  2. so how do i return it to normal? just pick my country again?

    • Yes. And I would also suggest you to keep a separate account for normal play and for without moving because there’s a good chance of you getting banned while playing Pokemon Go without moving.

      • Before you sign into the tweaked app, you press teleport and enter your current coordinates. Maybe you shouldn’t sign with your main account the first time. I’m going to try accessing mine rn but dunno if it’ll get me banned.

        • Agreed! Don’t use your main account for using this fake location trick! You might get banned and lose all your progress.

          • xfireprince says

            Omg, really? You can only get soft banned, stupid. Instead of waiting 3hours, u can spin a pokestop 40times. Use the website, pokesnipers.com. Then teleport there, ez!

  3. I’m getting a message saying “iPhone iOS 9.3.5 doesn’t match pokey’s app iOS 10.0 deployment target. Upgrade

  4. How do you edit the coordinates of the location?

  5. Does this fool GPS for other apps?

  6. Will this work on Find my friends ?

  7. I can confirm this works for other apps. Great stuff. However, when I click the option to simulate the location in the toggle section, only about 11 cities come up (for example, NYC, Tokyo, London, Sydney, Moscow)…how can I select the location to a more specific place? I .e. one I set my self.

  8. Why would it say build failed?

  9. Hi! I am installing this on my mac to trick my location. If i set a location for my phone and then take my Mac out of wifi (for travel) will it still stay on the desired location?

  10. Kaushik Agarwal says

    Can I use it for other apps such as spoof my location on the iOS game LANDLORD so as to buy properties in US ?

  11. I tried do this but when I click the run button I get an error saying “Could not find Developer Disk Image”. What should I do to fix this?

    • The problem is due ti mismatch of your iOS and Xcode version. Please make sure you’re not using the updated Xcode version on an outdated iOS version.

  12. Im sorry if this has already been answered, but will this program run without being connected to my MacBook? And if not, how can I do that? So far I have it spoofing where I want and it works with all apps so far. I just want to know how can I continue without being connected to MacBook? Thanks