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Pokemon Go has created a havoc in United States. It is probably more popular than Donald Trump & Barak Obama right now. Pokemon Go has been released only in the handful of countries till now. People have alreasy figured out how to play Pokemon Go even if it has not been released yet. Now, people are searching to play Pokemon Go anywhere! Essentially, everyone wants to play Pokemon Go, but not do all the walking and running. This Tutuapp apk for android will help you download Pokemon Go anywhere. How to play Pokemon Go anywhere? How to download Tutuapp apk? How to use Tutuapp android to play Pokemon Go anywhere? These are some questions which people have been looking answer for quiet a while. Well, we are here to answer them for you. You can download Tutuapp APK for android from here and play Pokemon Go even while sitting on a sofa.


download tutuapp android apk

What Is Tutuapp Android?

So, Tutuapp is basically like your Google play store app. Yes, it’s nothing different than an app store. But if that is the case, then why everyone is look to download Tutuapp apk? Let me answer this question for you. Tutuapp is basically an app store which has all the tweaked versions of paid apps. That means, you can download premium android apps from Tutuapp for free. But wait, there’s something more to the Tutuapp than just downloading paid android apps for free. The whole world is going mad about Pokemon Go not being released in their country. They don’t find Pokemon Go in their android play store.

Tutu App VIP version

Hacked & Tweaked Pokemon Go

But if you download Tutuapp for android, then my friend the Pokemon Go app will be waiting for you in the Tutuapp. Yes, Tutuapp is also known for releasing the tweaked versions of apps at a speed of light. That means, before the app reaches the point of official launch, Tutuapp will have already have developed a tweaked version for it. The living proof is that Pokemon Go is available for download on Tutuapp. All you have to do is install Tutuapp apk in your smartphone. We will then guide you to get Pokemon Go anywhere in the world using the android Tutuapp.

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Not only can you play Pokemon Go using Tutuapp, but you can play it better than others. How? Well, the tweaked or we can say hacked version of Pokemon Go which Tutuapp offers, can be played using an on screen joystick. Yes, you read that right. Simple joystick is available on the screen using which you can move around in the city without having to go out of your house.

download tutuapp apk for android

How To Play Pokemon Go Anywhere? Download Tutuapp APK!

        • Just go to the official website : from PC.
        • Now tap on the android icon.
        • Select the download button and the Tutuapp apk download will start.
        • Transfer it from the laptop to your smartphone using a USB.
        • Now, after locating the Tutuapp APK, start the installation.
        • In a couple of second, Tutuapp android will get installed.
      • Go back to the home screen and locate the Tutuapp.
      • Start the Tutuapp store.
      • Search for Pokemon Go in the search box.
      • You will see the results and the first result will be the Pokemon Go app.
      • Just hit the download button.

Tutu App Problem [Pokemon Go Fix] Latest Update

Many of your guys have been reporting that this method does not work. Let me tell you guys that I’ve personally used this thing and I’ve faced no difficulty. However, just to solve the problem for you guys, I’ve come up with an alternative method to download Pokemon Go anywhere in the world. This time we will not use Tutuapp but an alternative to it. We will use Aptoide to download Pokemon Go. So check out the latest fixed to download Pokemon Go using Aptoide.

      • Using your android smartphone go to
      • You will see an install button.
      • Push that button and you shall see the Atoide APK beginning to download.
      • After the Atoide APK gets downloaded, go to your File Manager.
      • Search for the Aptoide APK and install it.
      • Open Atpode App.
      • Now search for Pokemon Go there.
      • You will see Pokemon Go in the list of results.
      • Tap on the install button.
      • Pokemon Go will be installed in your android smartphone in a few minutes.
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I hope this updated and alternative method to install Pokemon Go anywhere using Aptoide will help you. I apologie to everyone if you faced any issues while downloading Pokemon Go using Tutu app. I really am not able to track down your problem. I will soon upload a video each for downloading Pokemon Go using Tutu app and Pokemon Go using Atoide. You can then use any method you want and play Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go Stuck At Sign In Issue

Many of you guys have made comments below that when you start the Pokemon Go and proceed to sign in, it gets stuck/freeze. From what I’ve analyzed, or I’d say a humble guy who has been trying to figure out the problem has suggested that probably you’re trying ti sign in using Google/Gmail. So try to sign in Pokemon Go using a trainer account and let me know if that works. According to a guy who’ve left comment on my YouTube channel, this works and Pokemon Go will no longer freeze at sign in. So I thought of letting you guys know about it.

PokeTrail [Premium Pokemon Go Tool]

I would also like to give the credit for coming up with this solution to NickOHero21. However, if even this doesn’t work then we have to admit that there may be some issues with the Pokemon Go APK by Tutuapp. So all we can do is wait or an updated version which they might release soon.

Smart Poke 2 APK [PokeVision Alternative]

Tutu App Only IP Address Is Visible

For those who are facing this issue, I’ve just figured out a solution. Open the Tutu app. Below the IP address you’ll see a gray button. When you tap on that, you’ll get a screen saying something about Tutu app and Pokemon Go in Chinese. Now, there will be two buttons below. Tap on the green button and it will again ask you to download Tutu app apk. Download the Tutu app apk once again and install it. Now when you open the Tutu app, you’ll see a screen to download Pokemon Go directly. Hope this will help you.

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Download Lucky Patcher APK [Free Paid Apps For Android]

Pokemon Go Screen Controls [For Rooted Smartphone]

That’s it. Pokemon Go with the help of Tutuapp apk will now get installed in your smartphone. Simply switch back to home screen and you will find the Pokemon Go android app icon there. We have now successfully installed Pokemon Go anywhere in the world. This process can be done at any point of the earth’s surface provided you have an internet connection. Just start Pokemon Go and get yourself registered. Now play Pokemon Go and catch some really good Pokemon. Have  a good time. Enjoy!

Tutuapp VIP : New Tutuapp Solution

It has been quite a time since I haven’t updated this article. Many users have reported that the Tutuapp doesn’t work anymore. At one or the other point of the time during installation, they encounter an error. To drag you guys out of this whirlpool of errors, I had posted an article about Tutuapp VIP. But I guess not many people know about it. So, I decided to let the readers of this article know that there’s something called Tutuapp VIP. This app works just like Tutuapp. I’ve listed all the details about how to download and use Tutuapp VIP. It’s a short and sweet process which takes 2 minutes. You can use Tutuapp vip version to download Pokemon Go hacked version and get those comfortable joystick controls in the game.

Pokemon Go can not easily get deindexed from the trends. I see many people are still hunting the best ways to hack Pokemon Go. Though all one can find is the spammy links and ads. We have recently written an article, in which we have listed all the working joystick hacks for Pokemon Go, It includes Tutuapp as well. I don’t know why many people are getting errors, because I know many user who are still teleporting with the use of Tutuapp. So in case you wish to check out Tutuapp alternatives, check out new article out.


  1. Has anyone gotten this to work? I’ve download the Tutuapp and I see my router name and a bar code scan option and nothing else. Wasn’t this suppose to take me to the Tutuapp Store? I don’t read chinese. What do I do next. If anyone can help, I’d greatly appreciated.

    • Hey bud! Besides the bar code, you’ll see the image of two iPhones. Just beneath that there’s a green button. Click on that and your tutu apk download should start.

      • There are no image of iphones..and no green button..just barcode and the router name …i have been trying this in android.

      • I got the same problem, when I open the app I only see this: a picture of a phone and a computer with my WiFi name underneath it an iP adresse and a grey button with Chinese on it and a green button with a camera on it. Nothing else
        Pls help!!

        • Hi Joshua! Please check the latest solution for this problem I’ve written above.

      • i think his talking about accessing the tutuapp after download and installation is complete on android device.

        so far i have same situation the app does not take me to an appstore its just showing my internet connection and ip address with qr code scanning button which if i scan the qr code on tutuapp website it takes me to my phone info but not the tutuapp appstore.

        so please have a proper working guide with pictures of step by step information

        • Apologies for the problems you’ve encountered. Just wait for a day, I’m working on the video tutorial. Meanwhile you can also check out the alternate method.

      • This doesnt work all its asking me to do something with my router i dont know what to do as i dont speak chinese i have clicked everything and nothing is happening.

        • Will be uploading a video tutorial in a day. Check out the alternative method by then.

      • sir,

        i think you dont understand what Jon means.

        he already downloaded TUTU!

        if he opens the app, it bring him to a screen where he’s wifi, IP etc. shows up!

        • Sorry guys I misunderstood. I’m working on the video tutorial and will upload it soon. Just wait for a day. Meanwhile try out the alternative method using Atoide app.

      • In the app all I get is the router name and the barcode scanner. There’s icons in the menu but none of them take you to the store.

        • Try out the new method to download Pokemon Go using Aptoide. It’s easier than Tutuapp and works like a charm.

      • @Admin,

        That’s not what he mean. When he OPEN the app with his phone, it does not take him to the Tutuapp Store. Neither did mine. How do you go to the TuTuApp Store? It only tells me to enter a URL, or Scan QA Code.

        • Sorry for the misunderstanding guys. I really am not able to discern your problem.

          Why don’t you guys try out the new alternative method I’ve just updated this article with. I just discovered it a day ago and hence shared it here. I’m sure it will work. It’s easier than this Tutu app.

      • When i click botton green i must scan some code? Code like barcode?

        • No need to scan the bar code. When you click the green button the tutuapp apk download should start.

          However, if you still face any problem, try the new method to download Pokemon Go using Aptoide.

  2. the andriod version is just a app for phone management, how about try it first before posting and saying its works.

    • Hey mad! Please check my latest solution for this. I sure have tried and tested my claims 🙂

  3. i installed the app on phone but their is no search option. what to do ??

    • Hey rajat! Try the alternative method. I will be uploading a video tutorial for the same soon.

  4. How do u make it work????I oprn tutuapp and all i get is the stupid ip address thing

    • Stay tuned mate. Coming up with a video soon. Also try the alternative method by the time.

  5. Can you possibly post a video tutorial explaining where to find the android icon and such? I’m a bit lost lol

    • Sure buddy. I’ll be posting a video tutorial soon. Meanwhile you can try the new Atoide app method to download Pokemon Go anywhere. I’ll be uploading two videos. One to demonstrate use of Tutu app and one for aptoide. Will upload both of them in 24 hours.

  6. Bro im not able to start it on my android cauz im nt understanding chinese nd it jst shows me my router name

    • Hi! I’ve suggested an alternative ti Tutu App. Try that out and let me know if it works.

  7. I have downloaded the app and it is on my phone i dont see any app store how do i get onto the appstore

    • Hey buddy! I know Tutuapp is being a pain for all you guys. Try the new Aptoide method and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

    • Hey shlok. I’ll be uploading a video tutorial soon. Just try out the alternative method till then.

  8. i forgot to mention i downloaded the tutuapp on my android phone and it telles me something about urls so now im stuck

  9. same here, if i click the green button with the camera symbol, it only takes a photo. cannot search or download anything

    • Uploading a video tutorial soon. You can check the alternative method by the time.

      • The aptoid version doesnt have the on screen controls for pokemon go only the tutu version thats what we want!!!

        • Hey Daz! I’m working on the video tutorial for tutu app version of Pokemon Go. Just wanted to give people an alternate solution time being.

  10. Both of the apps dont do it 🙁

  11. Hey can you link the video here because i cant find it on your page

  12. I followed the video tutorial and when I went to install the game, it says “application not installed”. heeeeeeeelp

  13. It worked after i followed the video tutorial except for when its time to log in to the game using gmail. Been waiting for the page where they ask for the gmail info to pop up for 15 mins. But it just stays there with the loading pokeball in the center. I dont know what it could be. Has anybody experienced this?

    • Could be an issue on the server side.

      • I doubt its the server or else the “server is down” page would appeared by now. But nothing. I also tried the aptoide one but its the normal game. How do i root my android?

  14. I have an issue where once im in the game and i turn my gps on the game instantly freezes and closes. If i decide to use no gps i spawn in the middle of an ocean and cant collect any pokemon or use the move feature please help

    • Hey bob! Tweaked version of APK are always doubtful. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. You might want to try again by following the second video, if you’re rooted your OS.

  15. when i start pokemon go and select my email i get stuck on the loading screen with the pokeball in the middle and if it does load the game will freeze then crash when my character loads in

    • That is something very likely to happen as you’re using a tweaked APK. If you’ve used Tutuapp, try again after watching the second video provided you’ve rooted your OS.

  16. i dont understand, in your video pokemon go automatically pops up after launching tutuapp. Mine is just stuck at the router screen

    • Which smartphone do you use? Have you uninstalled the original version of Pokemon Go?

  17. Hey .. the game got downloaded with me but it can’t login ,, i deleted the original cause the hack won’t be installed beside the original game !!
    any solutions plz ?

  18. i download pokemon from tutuapp but not take me to any loction just in see how i move to other country bcz

    • In the top left corner, you shall see a globe icon. Tap on that and enter the coordinates of the country you wish to teleport in Pokemon Go.

  19. I installed it but i cant move anywhere ,theres no controllers like in ios,btw im using android 5.01?

    • Hi Rizal. Follow the videos above, you should get controls on the screen if you’ve downloaded the Pokemon Go apk using Tutu App.

  20. Does this need root?

  21. Is this safe as far as installing, and getting your iPhone hacked for other Info? Such as bank accounts, passwords etc…

    • I don’t think any of such problems could be faced, but if want yourself to be on the safe side, don’t go for it. Atleast you won’t regret later. But in my opinion, there’s nothing to worry about.

  22. Hi it wont let me log in to google account just keeps loading

  23. Hello, I installed it correctly but when I start the app pokemon go i receive a message: the app pokemon go has stopped. And starts the normal pokemon go.
    Thanks if u can help me

    • Please delete the original Pokemon GO and reinstall the Pokemon Go apk downloaded from Tutu App.

  24. Hey is there a way to log in using google? Because all my progress are in there

    • Hi Jason. For time being login via Google is not working. Maybe you can keep trying.

  25. Hey when i load the pokemon app i dont get any controls to move around
    I have reinstalled the app and tutuapp a few times and still no luck

    • Hi Amno. Make sure that you’ve got rid of the original Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Go apk from Tutu app works fine, I’ve personally tried it. Not sure why you’re not able to see controls.

  26. ive installed it through both methods the tutu one works best but i have no controls. no globe or controlls. the videos dont help at all

  27. I dont know if u can help me but i cant catch any pokemon they just get out of the ball and run off.

  28. Hi, I got it running but I don’t see the controls, I did detele the original Pokemon app 1st, when I log in with a new account I’m in a sanfanisco park with tons of lures, not a bad place to. Me lol, when I walk around I do move but since I’m not actually at that location it’s hard to navigate as it seems to go a bit random.. Can’t tap to walk or anything like that

    • Tapping won’t work to walk. You need to hold the arrow key and drag it in the direction you wish to walk.

  29. Brayden Ricks says

    My phone won’t install pokemon go from tutuapp

  30. I can use it and catch my first pokemon. But always failed to detect my location. So i cant find any poke stop, gym or pokemon.
    Why its happen?

  31. Chris McWatt says

    Tutuapp for iPhone won’t let me download Pokemon Go, it starts the download and towards the end I get an error message saying it couldn’t be downloaded at this time. Any ideas?

  32. Was playing the game all day today on iOS then it crashed went to reopen it and it was crashing literally immediately. Deleted Go and then tried reinstalling from tutu and says can’t complete download. This is like the third time I’ve deleted Go and had to reinstall for some reason or another but it’s always downloaded fine. I’ve never had the real Go and I’ve deleted tutu 3-4 times now and tried to reinstall Go hundreds of times no luck.

    • Many people are facing the same issue, I guess there’s some problem from the Tutu App side.

  33. i have installed pokemon go from tutuapp successfully.Google account sign in was not working so i made a pokemon trainer account and signed in sucessfully.I have my gps off so spoofing gsp would work. It actually worked i m in some other country i catched my 1st pokemon,but i don’t see any buttons to move my character ,I have Redmi note 3 mobile phone. HELP !!!

  34. Redownloaded tutuapp today and downloaded their 1.1.0 version of Go and it downloaded just fine and it let me sign in through Google. Hope this works for you all. (On iOS btw)

  35. When I try to download tutuapp it downloads but the problem is that it says it dosn’t recognize the file even though I pressed Android originaly this wasn’t a problem but before I deleted it it said I had to updste it. What do I do do you have another hacked version for the latest update.

  36. Successfully downloading and installing the pogo tutu, log in no problem with ptc account, staart the game some where with tons of pokestops
    But no joystick to move, i reinstalling it dozenz time still the sama
    I never install pogo yet before in this android device
    Admin can you help me to fix?

    • Sorry buddy. But if you’ve never installed Pokemon Go, then everything should work fine.

  37. I have the app working but i cant log into my google account all it does it load ive left it for more than a hour and still the same thing happens i have a lvl 21 account on google and dont wanna start all over again help

    • You just cannot login via Google account. That’s an inherent problem with the hacked Pokemon Go version.

      • Ok will be it working anytime soon as it works on my mates iphone just my samsung doesnt work

  38. Justin austin says

    The game has my home location in San Fran when I actually live in Tampa Fl is there anyway I can change home location

  39. Hey admin ,I’m using pokemon go frm last 5 days ,but after New update my game crashes frequently saying”unfortunately,pokemon go has stopped” pls help

  40. The game does not show up in tutu app to download anymore.

  41. Hey tutu app removed Pokemon go..can you please upload the file for Android

  42. when i tried to open the app an error appears it says: data/data/com.feng.droid.tutu/files/.crash

  43. i have successfully downloaded pokemon go using aptoide. but when i open the app, it has no poke stops, no account, no pokeball. just the avatar and some pokemon. its not moving. pls help me what to do

  44. Hi, I have downloaded Pokemon GO from aptoide but it is just the same app in the playstore. any idea? or do I have to root my phone or couple with another app?

    • The Pokemon Go from Aptoide will not have any joysticks. Download Pokemon Go from Tutu app for the hacked version.

  45. Isn’t aptoide’s pokemongo not tweaked? I downloaded it but no joystick or etc at all. It’s just like the playstore/app store’s pokemon go

    • Aptoide Pokemon Go is just an alternative, download Tutu app. Tutu app has the tweaked version of Pokemon Go.

  46. Where do I go from here?

  47. Why’s Pokemon Go has already gone in tutuapp?. Everyday I check tutuapp if they will get back the Game because i want to download it ,but it’s not appearing??

  48. I cannot login it just shows a loading screen for gmail plz help

  49. My device android ,i can install pokemon tutuap but must uninstall pokemon niantic.. how can installed pokemon tutuap and pokemon go niantic in 1 device?

  50. New released version is not working with this

  51. I can download fine. But I don’t ever get a joystick.

  52. philipwiliam says

    The tutu app is very good to use. I’m very satisfied.