Lucky Patcher 6.2.4 APK Download For Android [No Root]

We all use indefinite number of apps in our smartphone. Some of them are free and hence licensed by default. But some of them are premium apps and hence we have access to only free version. Some apps consist of┬ámany in-app purchases. Many of the apps are loaded with ads which are really annoying. All these problems can be solved by a single app, Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher app can handle all your problems which hinder your experience with other apps. I’ve seen many people have been discovering about and searching to download Lucky Patcher app lately. Needless to say Lucky Patcher APK download is one of the most sought after keyword these day.

Though downloading Lucky Patcher app is no rocket science, one needs to stay away from the fake websites who attract visitors just to make some quick cash. If you’ve been to one of such websites, I’m sure you spent more time searching for the correct Lucky Patcher download link than actually downloading the APK. We are here to provide quality information to our users and help them with the android app downloads. So we are back again with another APK, probably on of the most demanded APKs right now on Google.

download lucky patcher apk

What Is Lucky Patcher Android App?

Lucky Patcher android app is different from most of the apps in the market. Instead of having it’s own gems, Lucky Patcher rather helps you to manipulate other apps in your smartphone according to your convenience. There are many tasks which Lucky Patcher can perform seamlessly. Many of them will leave you dumbstruck. If you haven’t really known everything about Lucky Patcher then you’re most likely to get excited after we disclose all it’s features.

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  • Get rid of all those annoying ads in the apps.
  • Bypass the license verification of premium apps.
  • Get access to all the in app purchases for free.
  • Manipulate the app permissions as per your needs.
  • Take regular backups of all the apps in your smartphone.

download lucky patcher app

These are some of the salient features of Lucky Patcher app for android. These features are supported well will the aesthetics of the app. For instance, all the apps will appear in Lucky Patcher, each with a different color to help your identify them well. Moreover, you don’t need to root your android smartphone in order to download Lucky Patcher apk and install it. However, in order to use all the features of Lucky Patcher APK, you may have to root your smartphone. But that’s an after story. Right now are concerned just with the Lucky Patcher APK download. Follow the steps given below to download Lucky Patcher APK.

How To Download Lucky Patcher APK Android


  • Simply open this link. Lucky Patcher APK
  • Unlike other websites we won’t redirect you to any other shitty webpage to make money. The link above will take you to official place from where you can download Lucky Patcher APK.
  • You will see a download button after you open the link above.
  • Now hit the download button and download the Lucky Patcher APK.
  • If you’re downloading the APK from PC, then transfer it to your smartphone.
  • Locate the Lucky Patcher APK in your smartphone and tap on it to start installation.
  • Lucky Patcher will be installed in a few minutes.
  • Now go back to the home screen and search for the Lucky Patcher app in the menu.
  • Start the app and you’re good to go.
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Now you can check all the features of Lucky Patcher. I’m a bit dishearten to let all those who haven’t rooted their android devices know that, you can’t access all the features of Lucky Patcher app. Some features which require to install the custom patch for the apps find it necessary to get a root access. But you can avail features like in app purchases. Now I’m going to explain how to apply custom patch using Lucky Patcher. This is only for the user who have rooted their android OS.

How To Apply Custom Patch In Lucky Patcher

  • Start the Lucky Patcher app and grant it the root access.
  • You will see all the apps in your smartphone enlisted.
  • For the apps who’s custom patches are available, you can see “Custom Patch Available” beneath them.

lucky patcher apk for android

  • So just tap on it and select “Apply” in the next screen.
  • This will initiate the installation of custom patch in Lucky Patcher.
  • Wait for some time and you’ll see a message “Custom Patch Applied”.

How To Remove License From App Using Lucky Patcher

  • Open Lucky Patcher App.
  • Among all the listed apps, select the one whose license you want to remove.
  • Now open the Menu from patch of that app and select “Remove License Verification”.
  • You will then have to select “Auto Modes” and then “Apply”.

download lucky patcher apk

How To Remove Ads From Apps Using Lucky Patcher

  • Start Lucky Patcher.
  • Select the app whose ads you want to get removed.
  • In the menu, select “Remove Ads”
  • Select apply and we’re done.

So these are some of the basic operations you can perform using Lucky Patcher. I hope you were able to download Lucky Patcher app after following my instructions. Using Lucky Patcher app will get easy eventually as you get used to it. You can ask us any doubts you have regarding the working of Lucky Patcher app or any problems you’ve been facing with the Lucky Patcher app. We are here to solve all your issues. Just comment dow below and let us know where you’re stuck. Enjoy!


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