How To Download YouTube Videos In Android [With And Without App]

YouTube is a amazing platform for exploring new video under different domains. Every minute thousands of videos are being uploaded on YouTube. Most of the audience in the world access these videos on YouTube via android or iOS devices, sometimes a laptop. Now, those with smartphones always generate a desire to download YouTube videos in their smartphones. This way they can watch it later whenever required without internet. However, very few websites on internet have been able to provide a concrete solution. Today I’m going to solve this problem for half of them. Well, I’m going to explain some unknown tricks to download YouTube videos in android. Don’t worry iPhone users, I’ll write a guide to download YouTube videos in iPhone very soon.

how to download youtube videos

Now, let me address the fact that YouTube has never allowed downloading video from it’s website. However, lately they’ve come up with an option to save YouTube videos offline. Once you’ve saved YouTube videos offline, you can watch them later without internet on the YouTube app itself. But, there are again some exceptions. Not every uploader allows the audience to save the video offline. Hence, it may often happen that you try to save the YouTube video offline but the uploader has restricted it. Long story short, there extremely limited utility of YouTube offline mode. Wait, does that mean you cannot download YouTube videos in your android smartphone?

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No, you can. Although against the policies of YouTube, but many of the programmers in the world have developed websites and android apps to download YouTube videos. We are going to blend both of them to showcase the ways in which you can download YouTube videos in android. Before we proceed, I want to make sure that you’ve a smart enough android phone which is capable of handling the task we’re going to discuss. If the answer is yes, then straight away go through the tricks to download YouTube videos below.

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Using Websites To Download YouTube Videos In Android

We will first discuss all websites which you can use to download YouTube videos. Because, when working with websites you don’t need to go through the pain of installing a third party app. In most cases, these apps are not available on Play Store and you’ve to dig internet to find a suitable apk file. Hence, to cut short the trouble you can use the website listed below to download YouTube videos in android.


This one is my favorites website. I personally use it to download all the YouTube videos in my android smartphone which I wish for. Really simple to use and works every damn time. But since this is a tutorial, I’ll explain all the steps you need to perform in order to download YouTube videos using Clipconverter in android.

download youtube videos without app

  1. Visit
  2. Actually, go to YouTube before and copy the URL of the video you want to download.
  3. When you open Clipconverter, you will see that a lengthy horizontal text box is displayed.
  4. Paste the URL of your YouTube video in this text box and click “Continue” besides it.
  5. Now various options will be displayed.
  6. Basically, you need to select the quality of video which you want to download.
  7. Don’t settle for anything less than 720p if you’re internet connection is good.
  8. After selecting the video quality, again click “Continue” a few pixels below.
  9. The video will be rendered and you download will be prepared in a few seconds.
  10. You will be redirected to a page or two.
  11. Finally, you will see the name of your video with a .mp4 extension and a download button beneath it.
  12. Click “Download” button and your YouTube video download will start.
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Wasn’t that simple? Well, at least simple than the apps loaded with uncountable ads. This way you can download a YouTube video in android every time you wish. Just visit the clipconverter website and do as directed above. There are some more websites like Clipcoverter which offer the same service, but I prefer Clipconverter because of the simple user interface. You can however try your hands on KeepVid.

I know some of you might think of this as a long process. Some of you might actually prefer an app to download YouTube video in android. I don’t blame you, it depends on person to person. I respect you convenience and hence now I’m going to enlist a couple of apps to download YouTube videos.

Using Apps To Download YouTube Videos In Android


Among all the apps, Tubemate in my opinion is the best app to download YouTube videos in android. Just like we did above, you can download YouTube videos using Tubemate by simply putting in the URL of the video. But, since Tubemate is not available on the Play Store, I’ll explain the step by step procedure to download Tubemate app apk in android.

download youtube videos using tubemate

How To Download TubeMate App In Android

  1. Go to this link, and download TubaMate APK for android.
  2. Now if you’ve download the TubeMate apk on your PC, then transfer it to the smartphone.
  3. Opent he File Manager and locate the destination where you’ve downloaded TubeMate apk.
  4. Run the apk and it will install TubeMate within seconds in your smartphone.
  5. Go back to home screen and search for the TubeMate icon.
  6. Open the TubeMate app and start downloading YouTube videos in android.
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That’s it. Now every time you feel the need to download YouTube videos, just open the TubeMate app and use the URL of video. Just to get your facts clear, TubeMate for that matter can download videos from any other website as well. Yes, not only YouTube, TubeMate can fetch videos for you from any webpage on internet. Now, this is why under apps I recommend TubeMate to download YouTube videos. This just expands the utility and you can use TubeMate for download videos from websites other than YouTube.

vidmate app download videos

I don’t think why you would wanna skip TubeMate, but if you plan to, then Vidmate is another app you might want to consider. Vidmate works just like Tubemate. You can download YouTube videos in android on Vidmate easily. But, since Tubemate is older than Vidmate, I usually suggest Tubemate. You can even try both of them and then choose the most convenient app from the both.

I hoep I was able to add some unknown knowledge for downloading YouTube videos in android for you. In case you face any difficulty in following anything which I’ve stated above, then you can hit your queries in the comments below. I will make sure that they get cleared soon.