How To Lock WhatsApp In iPhone Without Jailbreak [Working]

WhatsApp has been one of the very few prominent instant messaging apps in the contemporary world. The usage of Whatsapp has become a primary need. Irrespective of the software be it iOS, Android or any other minority software, Whatsapp has been made compatible with all as it meets the need of communication among people who stay miles away from each other and has crucial things to convey. Just like any other Android users, iOS users also use Whatsapp with the same obligation. However, sometimes you might want to keep your chats in private without revealing them to anyone who can get hold of your phone. Hence, being able to lock WhatsApp is one of the most secure option. But to lock WhatsApp in iPhone without Jailbreak has always been a mystery for some people. But we are always up for solving one.

lock whatsapp in iphone

Why Should You Lock WhatsApp In iPhone?

Imagine, leaving your phone at your desk at lunch time only to come and see your colleague reading your private messages in open. Embarrassing, right? It doesn’t matter how close the person is; there still will be few things you might want to hide from them. This exactly is why you need to lock Whatsapp.  If you’re an iPhone user, this can be done without jailbreak. What exactly is jailbreaking, you might ask? Jailbreak is not a new term to someone who is a tech-savvy. An unauthorized activity to iterate the iOS version is called Jailbreaking a tool just went nuts on the iOS 9 release. Through this tool, one can gain root access to the device. Even though, one should understand that jailbreaking is not a mature thing to do. Why?

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A bunch of Chinese programmers named as Pangu has declared the launch of its jailbreak tool for iOS 9 that is asserted to be operable from iOS 9.0 to the most recent iOS 9.0.2. Similarly, just like with the previous jailbreak tools, Pangu’s putting forth essentially gives you a deeper root access to get further into iOS. This implies you can install apps and use them from the Apple App Store that can’t be accessed when your gadget was not jailbroken. In the meantime, it permits you to download applications and games from an informal source like Cydia. However by doing this, you are removing all the hardware restrictions and your device is vulnerable to all kind of attacks. Henceforth, in this article we are going to give you a way on how to lock WhatsApp in iPhone without jailbreak.

Steps To Lock WhatsApp In iPhone Without Jailbreak

  1. Go to the Settings icon on the home screen (Looks like a gear).
  2. From the display, select the “General” option located down the page.
  3. Select the “Restrictions” by tapping on it.
  4. By tapping on it, you will see a different screen with drop down menu. Select the “Apps” option.
  5. The “Apps” interface will show you an option, “Don’t allow apps”. Tap on it.
  6. Once you’re done with it, go to the home screen. You can only see the default system apps displayed in the tray menu and all the downloaded apps are hidden and locked away.
  7. If you want to unlock the apps, just repeat the same process and select “Allow all apps” in the “Apps” interface, located towards the bottom.

So once you complete executing the above steps, you’ll have a completely secured environment to use your WhatsApp. Now our heart goes out for people who are looking for a similar procedure in order to lock WhatsApp in android. Hence we have written a separate guide which featuring different ways using which one can lock WhatsApp in android. We have suggest the use of a few apps or even without apps you can conveniently lock WhatsApp in android smartphone. So I hope this article of explaining the how to lock WhatsApp in iPhone without jailbreak was useful for you. If you have any issues regarding the locking and unlocking of the apps, comment in the comment section so that we can guide you with a relevant solution by notifying the problem.


  1. Sir i only want to lock watsapp dont want to hide all apps in my iphone SE
    Can u plz help me
    The restriction is working
    Thankyou very much ur information of restriction has also helped me
    But plz help me for locking watsapp without jailbreak and without any payable app