Can’t Download Tutuapp | Tutuapp Won’t Download [Solution]

Tutuapp has gained a lot of popularity since last two day. In fact, Tutu app has climbed the charts of trends all over the world. This because of Pokemon Go. People who belong to countries where Pokemon Go is not available are searching for ways to download Pokemon Go anywhere. Tutuapp solves their problems by giving them a tweaked version of Pokemon Go. But, I’ve seen that many people are claiming some errors while downloading Tutuapp. Some say that they can’t download Tutuapp, while others say Tutuapp won’t download. Now, I’ve been brainstorming and trying to find a solution for this problem. Let us discuss what I’ve found. Check out the new TutuApp VIP now!

can't download tutuapp

Tutu App Andoird | Tutuapp iOS

Let me first of all tell you what Tutuapp exactly is. Tutuapp is apparently an app store. It is loaded with thousands of apps. Apps available on Tutuapp are however free to download. Even the apps which are paid in Google play store and iOS app store. Moreover, Tutuapp gets a tweaked version of any app as soon a the app releases. Same thing happened with Pokemon Go. However, people took some time to find this Tutuapp on the internet and realize that it will help them to download Pokemon Go anywhere in the world.

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Problems With Tutuapp

There are people who are not able to download Tutuapp. Trust me I’m among you guys and it took my a hour to figure out, how to download tutuapp for iOS and android. Here I’m assuming that you’re making on of the common mistakes that I’ve been able to spot. There are a few mistakes you can commit to download Tutuapp. Now since you’re making mistakes from your side, there won’t be any error from Tutuapp. You need to rectify the mistakes and Tutuapp will download just fine.

Pokemon Go Anywhere Download [Latest Fix For Tutuapp]

We know that the world is divided into iOS and android. But, people using iOS and android belong to the same world. Hence, they make same mistakes. So, I will explain two solutions. One for Tutuapp iOS problem and other for Tutuapp android problem. I you will be able to solve the mistakes and download Tutuapp for iOS and android right now.

Tutuapp Won’t Download [iOS]

I own an iPhone 6S and this is the mistake I made while download Tutuapp. We all know that we can download Tutuapp for iOS without jailbreak. But, Tutuapp is also available for jailbroken devices. In fact, when you open the Tutuapp home page and look carefully, they have given separate tabs to download Tutuapp for no jailbreak and jailbreak devices.

tutuapp download ios problem

The mistake I mase was that I continuously hit the download button for jailbreak version of Tutuapp. But, I was looking for Tutuapp without jailbreak version. It took a good time to realize. But once I did, I scanned the website to look for Tutuapp without jailbreak and when I tapped on download button there, Tutuapp started to download.

Hacked Pokemon Go Version

Now, if you made the same mistake as I did, then we have just solved your problem of Tutuapp. If this is not the case, then I’m afraid I can not explain any other solution for you. But you can comment down below if this does not works. Explain your problem in detail below and we will try to search for a solution.

Can’t Download Tutuapp [Android]

While making  a tutorial to download Tutuapp for android I made this mistake. In iPhone I made no use of PC and simply downloaded Tutuapp using the iPhone itself. Hence, I went ahead and tried the same for android. I opened the from my android smartphone. But surprisingly I just couldn’t find the option to download Tutuapp for android.

After banging my head for more than 15 minutes, I finally gave up. Then something hit my mind and I quickly opened my laptop. Searched for Tutuapp on Google and opened their websites. This solved my Tutuapp download problem. How?

If you open Tutuapp website on PC, you will see a separate tab dedicated to download Tutuapp APK. This thing is not visible if you open the website from smartphone. So I downloaded the Tutuapp APK quickly and transferred it to the smartphone. Started the Tutuapp APK and the app installed it in a few minutes.

Download KIK For iPhone

Again if you made the same mistake as I did, then you can solve the problem easily. But, if you’re not able to relates your problem with this, then please share your exact problem in the comments below. We will look upon it and try to solve it. Enjoy!

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  1. Carlos wu says

    When i diwnloaded the tutu app on the home it pop up as a phone with a wifi signal and next to it is a laptop

    • Hey Carlos! Beneath the IP, you will see a grey button tap on that and on the next screen tap on green button. This will download a new Tutu app apk. Install that apk and start it. You should see the option to download Pokemon Go. I’ve personally tried this, it works.

    • How come when i download the pokemon go app on the tutu app it just says “can’t download at this time” ????? Please help me

      • HI Ian. Have you uninstalled the original Pokemon Go?

      • I download the tutu app just fine and I let my iPhone trust it but in the tutu app there is no Pokemon go app just other Pokemon apps like 3ds and Pokemon maps

        • Looks like they have removed Pokemon Go from tutuapp recently. They might add the updated version soon.

      • I am having the exact same problem someone please help when I try to download the app it installs but when it installs it says “could not install at this time” and I’ve been trying this for hours and it won’t work at all somebody please please help???

      • I have the same problem .. the tutuapp it just says: can’t download at this time”
        Soy de Lima Peru ayuda para poder intalar tutuapp..
        Tengo un iphone 6s ios10 … asta hace dos dias podia descargarlo normal pero ahora me sale ese aviso el cual me dice: “que en estos momentos no puede instalar” .. ayuda porfavor ..

      • I have the same problem it sucks have you learned any thing yet

      • I found out that all you really need to do is delete the original Pokemon go, download TuTuApp then that hacked Pokemon go, then re download the original. You don’t have to re download the original tho

    • Guys i downloaded the tutuapp, then i downloaded the pokemon go hack, and i played for a solid three days. Then it automatically untrusted tutuapps and would not let me retrust them. So i uninstalled them to try to reinstall them and fix the problem but now when i try to reinstall the tutuapp, it will show on my home screen but say waiting and never load. I tried restarting my phone multiple times and i dont have the official pokemon go installed. PLEASE HELP!

    • Hey I’m trying to download tutuapp but it keeps showing unable to download at this time I have tried a lot of different way but no luck someone help me ????

      • Me too !!

        • I’m actually have the same problem, curiously i cannot download the app by wifi, just with the data network. The certificate is revoked by apple every 24 hrs more or less, when this happen Apple disallows you to open it until you re-validate the certificate again but this never happens, then you should unistall the apps (tutuapp & pokemon go) and go back to tutuapp web to re-install the apps BUT when I try to download it, a message like “It cannot be download at this time” appears. My solution was download the app using cellular data, not wifi, the app will install it in your devices with a different certificate and you will be able to play pokemon until the certificate be revoked again.

          I’m from Mexico so this could not apply to everyone.

    • Can someone help me iOS tutu app couldn’t be installed at this time

  2. Liam earl says

    Hi on my iPhone 6 I tried to download tutuapp, I clicked the non jailbreak button and it started to download on my home screen. I was waiting for about 2 minutes when it finally reached the end. The only problem was that it had stopped downloading and it says: unable to download (Chinese writing)!!!! Please help!!!!

    • Hi Liam. Make sure that you haven’t installed the official Pokemon Go. Try again after restarting your phone. I’m not sure how you why you’re getting such an error. I’ve personally installed tutuapp in 3-4 iPhones of my friend and they worked just fine.

      • I have the same problem. I deleted pokemon go and restarted my phone and it still said “unable to dowload”

      • I have the same problem in my Iphone. Tutuapp popup a message “cannot installed at this time” . I already tried restart my phone and installed on another IOS device, still popup that message .

        • Hi Cherry! Just wait for a day, I’m working on a video tutorial to download Pokemon Go via Tutuapp on iPhone.

      • Also I even deleted Pokemon go app then restarted my phone then downloaded the non jailbroken app and it still popped up with that error

  3. Hey .. the game got downloaded with me but it can’t login ,, i deleted the original cause the hack won’t be installed beside the original game !!
    any solutions plz ?

  4. So I download it and everything but when I download the Pokemon app it says that app isn’t there ? What do I do I have tried everything

  5. Thibault says

    Hi I am on samsung i have download tutuapp by my computer , the download is end but i have 2 rubric in chinese in one there is a pokeball and in the second there is a phone , in those rubric there is nothing more than chinese if you want i can send you a screenshot. Thx

  6. I got the tutu app im on a Samsung S7 Android device. So i dont have any problems on the tutu app side but when i try to play Pokemon Go i can log in but never connect to the servers.

    • Hey Denny! As we know it’s a tweaked apk of Pokemon Go, we cannot expect consistent servers. Check this link Pokemon Go Anywhere I’ve posted two videos there. Try the second one if you’ve already rooted your OS.

  7. I installed this before and had the tweaked version of Pokémon go, and then I assumed it stopped working so I deleted both tutuapp and the Pokemon go app. Now when I go to reinstall tutuapps I click the green box and click install but it doesn’t install. Tried this multiple times and nothing? Any help?!

  8. I am attempting to download tutuapp for ios without jalbreak. I am following all the the steps, including making sure it is the non-jailbroken option, yet it still will not work. The app downloads for a little while but then the icon greys out and an “unable to download app” popup comes onto the screen.

  9. I went to the website to download the app and it installed all the way to the end and then at the end, it states that it was unable to download. How do i solve this?

    • You’re using iPhone or android?

      • Hey I’ve used the tutu app before and it worked. But now I’m trying to re download the tutu app but it downloads the app and after it’s finished it says “unable to download at this time” and there is a “retry” button or a “done” I’ve pressed retry many times and Same result please help

  10. Hi I don’t see a tab for non jail broken on iOS

    • Check again Sam there has to be one. I’ll be uploading a video tutorial soon so hold on.

  11. Hey guys, I see a lot of questions posted today Jul 28. I can confirm that Tutuapp and their Pokemon Go version all stopped working as of Jul 28. Tutuapp no longer verified cannot be installed and the hacked game won’t log you in. I believe for now they stopped the hacks. I thoight it was due to the ios 9.3.3 update. I reverted my phone to 9.3.2, exact same thing.

    • Hi Jack! Thanks for your valuable information. If whatever you’ve said is correct then I’m afraid everyone should give up on this hack of playing Pokemon Go with on screen controls and rather play the game fair. But just to throw some light, there are a couple of other ways apart from Tutu app to play Pokemon Go with on screen controls.

  12. everything downloaded but when i open the glitch app and choose my google acc it starts to load and then it just sits there with the spinning white pokeball

  13. hi,
    I can’t re install the tutu app anymoe,
    is there another way? and if so?what is it?

    • Delete the original Pokemon Go and the Tutu app Pokemon go as well. Restart the phone, download the Pokemon Go APK from tutu app again and install it. Make sure that you login using Pokemon Trainer Account and not Google account.

      • hi,
        I cant get on the website of tutuapp anymore, and if it does go,
        and I try to instal the tutu app and it always freezes at 70%
        what to do?

  14. I’ve been playing off the tutuapp poke one go all day but now it says to update and I have no idea how and when I click the update option it tries to take me to this weird place in the app
    Store what should I do?

    • Hi aaron! Seems a new problem. Currently don’t have any fix for this, give me some time I’ll get back to you on this.

  15. I need help. Each time I open tutuapp, I try to download a game. Example, I try to download clash of clans… It says login into your apple id. When I do, it says I have a canadian iTune store. So I switched to U.S one and it says it’ll transfer me and then when I try to download it again it says the same thing. Help me.

    • Create a new Apple ID and mentioned your country as US. Now log out of your current Apple ID and login with the new Apple ID with the country US.

  16. Hi,

    I’m running a non rooted Android running 6.0.1 and can’t seem to install this Pokemon Go hack. I downloaded Tutu app and downloaded the pokemon go from there. When i try to install it, all i get is a message saying “App not installed” no matter how many times i try installing it. I also noticed that my version that i am downloading is 0.29.3 but others have 0.29.2, could this be an issue?


    • No this is just means that you’re installing the updated version. Sorry bud currently not able to figure out the issue. But will get back to you soon.

  17. Hey I download it and download Pokemon go but when I open the game my avatar is not there and I out different locations is on the water.

  18. Hello, so after a while I got the tutu app and download the Pokemon go app. I made a ptc account and connected that with it and it works but now I’m trying to connect it to my google account and will just load forever

  19. Hi guys anyone else having a problem with (ios) Pokemon go dpad hack from tutuapp v.1.0.3 stop working? When trying to reinstall it says app could not be installed at this time. It went from being trusted and signed to untrusted and unverified without the ability to trust or install the app. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    • Seems weird issue. I guess there’s an issue with the tweaked app of Pokemon Go. You might have o wait till they update the app or just try to reinstall again.

  20. I downloaded the tutu app and attempted to install the last eat version of Pokemon go version 1.0.03 and it continually says unable to install. Please provide a solution.

  21. Hi currently own a iOS. Installed the tutu app fine. Downloaded the Pokemon go app it downloads and then when it comes to install it says failed to download. Any known fixes?

    • Make sure you don’t have the original Pokemon Go in the phone. If that’s the case then try to reinstall.

  22. I downloaded tutuapp but when I try to download Pokemon go I can’t install it

  23. Hi,

    I’m using an IPhone. I seem to have a problem with my Pokemon GO App from TUTU. I tried to download the updated version 1.0.3 but each time I download, they prompt me with a notification saying this “unable to download, could not be installed at this time”. Now I’m unable to use the app.

  24. Downloaded and installed on android. Problem is that my avatar is either gigantic ( can only see feet. Or can’t see anything except for blue (shows in regular game when can’t locate GPS). Whats going on?

    • Hey will. That seems an issue with the app itself. Unfortunately can’t help in that. Lets hope they fix it in the next update.

  25. I already have the tutuapp but when am downloading the pokemon go app its says unable to download please try aging latter like it loads and at the end it always says thAt anybody knows why?

    • You’re using iOs or android?

    • I have the same issue as you too

      • same exact issue..
        the pokemon app through tutu was working fine as of last night, but stopped working..

        i deleted tutuapp & pokemon go app (all versions)
        reinstalled tutuapp and tried downloading pokemon go from tutu and it is giving an error saying “Unable to Download App. could not be installed at this time.”

  26. Heeey, I tried to install it today, but it says “Cant download” do you know the reason? Could it be because PokemonGO released a new patch? If so do you have any idea if its gonna work in the near future?

    • What are you using? Android or iOS?

      • Anonymous says

        I had the same problem. It was working fine yesterday but I think it’s because of the new update I also have an iOS device. I tried redownloading it 6 times but it says unable to download for some reason it loads a little bit then it stops.

  27. Hello, I have a big problem with tutuapp, before it work vers fine and know I can’t play anymore I have tryied all, and it’s say all the time, no wifi connexions and error to install pokemon go,… What Can I Do ? I have iPhone 6S

  28. Please help
    Whenever I try to log in it works but when I get it my avatar is invisible I’m on top of infinite water ,no Pokemon nearby and my character face does not show up on the bottom left.

  29. Hey guys , tutu app always worked for me but now it seems that i just cant get in with the pokemon trainer club account , i earlier tried it on my phone and it worked but it had no d-pad, now on my tablet it still works fine , so my question is where did the dpad go on my phone? :s


  30. Hello, i am using iphone 6 plus…not sure what was going on stuck in the water last night then i uninstalled the pokemon go from tutuapp. I then tried to reinstall the pokemon go V1.0.3 and show “unable to download, could not be installed at this time”. Any idea?

  31. hello i am having issues installing pokemon go off tutuapp after the latest update, i have done steps above multiple times and still is not working

  32. Hi I followed the steps and it has not worked for me. When ever I download it, It pops up in my apps as downloading and then once it hits the last centimeter of space until it is fully downloaded it stops and gives me a notification saying unable to download. By the way I use iOS. Any help will be good. Thank You!

  33. I can download tutuapp fine from my android but when it comes to installing the pokemon go app it says “app not installed”

  34. Hello I have a problem I can not log in to the websites of tutuapp I have iPhone 5s

  35. Hi i have a non jailbroken phone without pokemon go and when i try to dowload the tweaked version it says can not be dowloaded at this time… Restarted phone and deleted tweaked version as well… Any other tips or is it just not working

  36. I have iPhone 6 iOS 9.3.4 and when I try to download the tutuapp it tell me “safari cannot open this page, the server not found ”
    Do anyone have solution for this?

  37. Did tutuapp stop hosting Pokemongo tweaked? Can’t find in their AppStore anymore

  38. hey, the app is installed but it is not opening.
    i dont understand why and yes my phone is not jailbraked

  39. After I was able to download the application i cant see the pokemon go there… 🙁

  40. can you help me guys it suddenly the pokemon go i download in tutuapp wont work now
    i delete the file pokemon go from tutuapp then i want to download again but there is pokemon go app in there anymore i try to restart my ipad and download tutuap but still
    the pokemon go app from tutuapp disappear…
    help me pls thnx T.T

  41. On my gs5, when i try downloading the app it asks me to open it using memo, I’ve tried it and nothing happens.

    • That’s strange. Hearing such a query for the first time. What do you mean by open using memo?

      • After the app is done downloading, something pops up saying open with and memo is the only app listed.

  42. I can install that app but when it opens up it crashes every time

  43. I download the app and when I open the file it say no app to open with. What do I do

  44. Please help I have the tutu app downloaded and let my iPhone trust it but when I have the tutu app open there is no Pokemon go not even when I search what am I doing wrong or did they take it away?

    • I think they have removed Pokemon Go, they might be working on the updated version. Wait for few days and try again.

  45. Help me! It says I cannot open the file, I tried it once but I could, I deleted it and downloaded it again but I couldn’t use it!!

  46. Hey I tried downloading the app on iPad I clicked the right one but it just says waiting and won’t download help meeeee!!!!!!

  47. Hey guys I tried downloading the app on iPad I clicked the right one but it just says waiting and won’t download help meeeee!!!!!!

  48. The app appears on homescreen but constantly it’s waiting

  49. I’ve downloaded this all and it worked fine until I deleted it all and now I’m trying to redownload it but everytime I download the tutu app it appears on my homescreen but never downloads and just says “waiting”
    P.s. I’m using iPhone 6s


  51. Hi , i click green button and click ok but nothing install i try to restart but same issue no install , using iphone 6s

  52. It won’t downloaf, I use an android phone and am given the option to dowload the pokemon go app from but it won’t work. I also don’t know how to transfer stuff from my computer to smart phone

  53. Hi
    I’ve tried downloading tutuapp (android) but it downloads in 2 seconds and then when I try to open it, it just says “can’t open file”

  54. Anant Jain says

    Hey guys…I cant find a search bar in the tutuapp android version….I have the chinese version its difficult to read it….PLEASE I WANT A ENGLISH POKEMON JOYSTICK HACK LINK PLEASE

  55. Hi, I tried to install tutu app on my android and I worked up until I had to open it, I tapped the file from the dropdown menu thing and it asked me if I wanted to open it in memo. What’s happening?

  56. I downloaded it correctly but when I am installing in the end it says app not installed, and i ve tried several times

  57. Hi I downloaded Pokemon go from tutu app but it says it can’t be downloaded at this moment.. I tried downloading other games but the same message pops up.. Please help!

  58. Every time I download it it said done download and when click it it to me to my restore SMS thing what does that mean

  59. Mine would download but overtime is try to go on my tutuapp it would say Quickmemo has unfortunately stopped.. PLEASE HELP ME?!

  60. Hi Once when i downloaded tutuapp from its worked fine i could instal it normaly, but when i deleted tutuapp after that when i downloaded it again ist swhowes me as some text file

  61. Hello, tutu wasn’t verified on my iPhone so I tried re verifying it and wouldn’t work so I deleted tutu and tried downloading it but keep getting the message “cannot download at this time” could you please help me, I am on IOS

  62. I’ve had tutuapp for a couple weeks now and I’ve varified it on the iOS and all of a sudden it wouldn’t open and it’s telling me it’s not varified.. When I click to varify it nothing happens.. It still says unverified next to tutuapp and the pokemongo app (I used the Alfa Tournaments pokemongo app)

  63. It’s says to wait later to install this app

  64. Help I am on Android and whenever I click on tutuapp after its done downloading it says can’t open file

  65. Hi…I need help…I hd downloaded tutuapp…bt aftr the latest update…there is no option of pokemon go the app…only something written on Japanese or Chinese I dnt knw….pls hlp

  66. LegendofManna says

    Hello I have an icon of Tutuapp on my iphone stuck on waiting. I can make the X come up to delete, but it doesn’t do anything when I push it. I tried restarting my phone, signing out of my itunes account, but nothing works. I honestly don’t even use this thing anymore and now it’s just an eyesore that won’t go away. How can I just delete this icon and be done with it?

  67. tutu app says can’t download at the time and i don’t have pokemon go yet

  68. i downloaded the tutu app and the tweaked version of pokemon go, and it worked perfectly fine. afterwards i teleported inside the app and it crashed. so i deleted both apps, tutu app and tweaked pokemon go. i tried reinstalling tutuapp but it would not help, even when i deleted the original pokemon go:-(

  69. Pokemon go player says

    Won’t show up on home screen

  70. I have been trying to fix my tutuapp. It been 2 weeks that tutuapp “waiting” to download. I can’t seem to delete it on my iPhone. Please help

  71. “Could not be downloaded at this time” popped up after the installation….trying to reinstall after revoked yesterday but no avail…can anyone help?

  72. I figured out how to download tutuapp once again after giving up but today I gave a random method a try. First download the tutuapp at then after it finishes downloading, click done when the unable to install message pops up. Then go back to the and download it again this Wil result in two tutuapps and one will be a shaded one and the other will be a regular functioning bright like the other apps. And wallah tutuapp should work all you need to do now is trust it.

  73. I download yesterday tutuapp its properly installed and trusted,, but now in the morning when i clicked it tutuapp and my pokemon go the message is you need to trust or verify but the one thing is even I verify it its already said not verify so I deleted both.. but i tried to installed again its not working.. unable to download

  74. I’m actually have the same problem, curiously i cannot download the app by wifi, just with the data network. The certificate is revoked by apple every 24 hrs more or less, when this happen Apple disallows you to open it until you re-validate the certificate again but this never happens, then you should unistall the apps (tutuapp & pokemon go) and go back to tutuapp web to re-install the apps BUT when I try to download it, a message like “It cannot be download at this time” appears.

    My solution was download the app using cellular data, not wifi, the app will install it in your devices with a different certificate and you will be able to play pokemon until the certificate be revoked again

  75. I don’t know whats happening?!?!? so i had Tutuapp downloaded on my phone last night then this morning it untrusted itself and i cannot download it again. I’ve tried resetting my phone, I’ve deleted tutuapp and the original pokemon go app but it still keeps giving me this message overtime i try ” the regular version of tutor could not be installed at this time” idk what to do I’ve also tried installing it on data still nothing…. help I’m having pokemon go withdrawal

  76. I cant download tutu app it says that i cant download it for the moment WHAT CAN I DO ??

  77. I want to download tutuapp for andriod but it says starting download but it nevers downloads can some one hekp?

  78. the free tutuapp is not available due to apple certificate revocation right now , please download the VIP tutuapp instead. we will fix it soon

  79. i had download the walking dead season 3 from tutu app when mu download is complete then i just press the install button but when i press the install button the app is shut down and it doesnt install

    please help me how to resolve this???

    • This is a common problem which many users are facing. Unfortunately, this seems to be an error in the app. Wait till a new update releases.