Exodus No Stream Available [Solved]

Up to some extent,the new Exodus addon has been making its hype in the Kodi addons field. With an intuitive UI and smooth usefulness, Exodus is a top contender. Sometimes many will have the “Exodus not working” issues. If you are one of them, here is how to fix it.

This guide will work for all gadget (Firestick, PC, Mac, Android, and so forth)

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Exodus is software which goes about as an add-on to another software: Kodi. So sometimes it could stop working due many unknown reasons. People might face different errors like, Exodus stream not available or just a trivial situation might occur in which Exodus won’t work. In all the cases, possible solutions are a few. We have enlisted them in brief below.  This is what you can do to fix this issue when Exodus stops working.

exodus not working

What does “No Stream Available” actually mean on Kodi?

Many people believe that Kodi add-ons already come preloaded with data that links to every single TV show and movie. In actuality, Exodus is more like a giant search engine that is used to find movies & TV shows through different APIs provided by IMDB, Trakt, or themoviedb. Exodus merely scrapes all the sources loaded into the add-on and does not store any streams nor does it actively update the list of movies or TV shows.

Steps to Fix “Exodus Not Working” OR  “Exodus Stream Not Available “

Exodus helps us stream our most loved movies, videos, and TV shows. So on the off chance that you have the “Exodus not working” issue, keep reading.

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1) To fix Exodus addon not working issue, Exodus may be re-installed. This happens when something turns out badly with Exodus files. From time to time, something happens to a record Exodus needs to run. For this situation, you can alter the issue by re-installing Exodus files. To install exodus, ensure you’ve installed the TV Addons Config Wizard.

On the other hand, you can just install the AddOn Installer – then utilize the AddOn Installer to (Re)install Exodus.

See our video (specifically beneath) for a regulated guide on How to Install Exodus in Kodi.

The most efficient method to Re-Install Exodus:

Once you’ve ensured the Config Wizard is installed, from inside Kodi you have to search and go to PROGRAMS, then go to the ADDON INSTALLER section, then go to the FEATURED ADDONS section, then select The EXODUS, then select INSTALL EXODUS. Complete the installation by coming back to the Kodi home screen, then Navigating to the “Additional items” tab under “VIDEOS” in Kodi. When you open Exodus, you’ll be welcomed with a “redesign log” that demonstrates the Exodus addon’s most recent news stream.

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exodus stream not available

2) Kodi may be re-installed. Like Exodus, Kodi can encounter record issues. To alter this, re-install Kodi utilizing our How to Install Kodi on Fire Stick guide.

3) You may have Internet issues. There are also chances that your Internet is restricted you from using KODI, your Exodus addon might encounter a “bottleneck” brought on by your Internet speed. To settle this, you have to, IPVanish to get to blocked Kodi add-ons and keep your ISP from bottlenecking your Internet connection.

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You may likewise require speedier Internet get this working without any issues.

Some More Reasons Why Exodus Is Not Working

Test your web speed for nothing to ensure you have enough data transmission (no less than 15mbps) to stream HD films and TV shows!

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4) Your gadget might overheat which may cause Exodus not working situations. Particularly for the FireStick, little hardware spilling gadgets can get hot quick – particularly when streaming HD content. So feel the outside of the gadget. Is it hot to the touch? Would it melt frozen yogurt? Assuming this is the case, get a $10 fan from Amazon to reduce the heat.

5) In case you’re getting messages like “Source not accessible“, and you’ve reinstalled Kodi, reinstalled Exodus, and you have a strong Internet connection.(more prominent than 15megabits/sec download speed) – THEN the servers must be down. And you can do nothing but wait.

How To Install Exodus In KODI [Video Tutorial]

Despite discontinuous issues you may keep running into with Exodus, it is by a long shot one of the BEST Kodi add-ons we’ve encountered. The dependability, intuitive interface, and general nature of the Exodus TV Addon is astounding.

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After trying out all the proposed solutions above, I’m damn sure that all of you will see the Exodus addon for KODI in Firestick working fluently. We have written all the solutions in the order of preference. Which means, you should try solutions in the order which we have listed. You will certainly be able to solve the Exodus not working & Exodus stream not available issues after watching the video below.

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exodus addon not working

If you are still facing these issues like exodus disappeared from my kodi, Let us know in the comments section, We will help you out.

How To Change Language In KODI?

Many people have been asking this question. We’ve received many comments from people asking any tutorial on changing the language in KODI. So for everyone whose looking for it, we’ve attached a video below which will clear all your doubts.

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Many people have reported that the above method isn’t that effective and seldom works. Exodus is an add on managed by a team of developers. I suppose due to the heavy flow of requests and users, they might be facing server issues, which is why all of you are getting error while using Exodus. If nothing works, then all we can do it wait till the developers fix the server issues and get the add on back online.


  1. I reinstaled exodus and kodi and still have an issue “no streams available” on exodus. But on other addons everithing works fine. For example Specto… fork, I instaled few days ago – it is genesis based addon you know and works just like exodus since version 2.0.3, as I remember…

    • Seems weird, I’ll try to find out any other solution and update the article soon.

      • In last couple a days I have installed Kodi to few of my friends and coleages and guess what – exodus have the same issue – no stream available while other addons works fine…

      • I find the solution. There is a language issue in international settings. It was on croatian, region CRO, but when I chose englis and set region to central europe exodus start to work fine… If anyone have same problem that is solution.

  2. I have kodi installed on two android smart tv boxes, on android tablet and on laptop runing on linux-ubuntu and on all of them have same issue with exodus—

  3. Same here… All the shows lost their streams, the most common ones that had tons and tons of links now have none… While looking up the same show on Genesis returns dozens of working results.

    • I find the solution. There is a language issue in international settings. It was on croatian, region CRO, but when I chose englis and set region to central europe exodus start to work fine… If anyone have same problem that is solution.

      • Thank you!!!! That was the problem

      • electprogeny says

        This was also my problem. I was viewing through firestick and kept getting Exodus “no stream available” errors for shows I know for a fact had streams (e.g. trying to re-watch shows I already viewed).

        My default language setting was English, so I changed it to English (US) and the last show I got the no stream on suddenly had a stream. I suspect this works to fix the problem due to whether or not the video file has a language variable encoded in it – so that if none of the streams have your default language choice then it thinks no streams are available.

        Thanks for this tip. I’m now happily viewing again!

  4. Sooo, this has really helped me. We have 3 fire sticks & exodus is possessed on all of them. I was able to be successful with one of them (reloading exodus) but , when I attempted the 2nd one…it says the repository can’t be uninstalled. Really???!!!! I’ve checked all connections….I even did a factory reset in them…

    • Try these steps.

      To fix:
      1) Uninstall Exodus Repo
      2) Uninstall Exodus
      3) Go to File Manager and delete the Fusion zip file
      4) Redownload the fusion zip file (http://fusion.tvaddons.ag)
      5) Install from Zip File > Fusion > xbmc repos > english > exodus-1.0.1.zip
      6) Install from Repo > Exodus

      • frustrated says

        I did this because I wasn’t getting any HD streams anymore, but now I have a larger issue. I went to redownload fusion, and it won’t let me download anything from repos. Just says failed to download. I’ve spent the last two hours searching internet solutions and trying everything I can think of.

        • There’re might be a server halt due to maintenance. Keep trying after every few hours.

          • Hi I am having a problem with my exodus I reinstalled it, updated it. Everything but no matter what movie I pick, which steam I Pick. It only
            Plays one of two movies. Minions orrrr Jurassic world?!?!! Any idea?

          • Strange problem. Which device are you using KODI (Exodus) on?

  5. Hi
    TV shows work fine but not movies?
    I’ve reinstalled exodus but the issue persists. What could it be?

  6. Hi,
    Some of the tv shows are working but none at all of the movies are showing. It just says no stream available, I have uninstalled exodus and installed it again by watching your video but still does not work…
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Natalie. Thanks for checking out article. I can see many of you have tried reinstallation and still failed to solve the error. I can say that there’s surely issues from the server side and only the developers of Exodus can fix it. Try after a couple hours. All we can do it wait.

  7. Hello all
    Same as Steve, TV shows work fine but not movies. This has persisted for well over a week. I have reinstalled and there is no change. Any ideas?

    • As I said, if the reinstallation doesn’t works, then there’s nothing wrong from your end, but from the server end. All we can do is to wait till their servers start responding.

  8. Kodi/exodus works on my Note 5 but doesn’t on my fire TV stick anymore. When I find a show/movie, it stops searching athe “22 providers” and returns with no streams found. Both devices are using the same setup

    • Just try to reinstall, if the problem still persists there’s there might be some issues from server side.

  9. Hi when I click on anything on exodus says working the just stops what must I do?

  10. Hello, mine is working bit strange the stream works perfectly no buffering but after 30-45mins of playing it cuts off and goes to the menu (with all the streams) is there a sleep timer or anything on the stick it’s self or kodi?

    • Weird issue! I’d say dig up the Settings. If you find anything related to sleep timer you’re talking about, fix it. If you don’t then it’s an issue from server side.

  11. I was having this problem after Exodus uninstalled itself. I reinstalled and there were issues of it not finding any streams so I installed URLResolver add-on then everything was found except for the show that I was watching when it crashed. Updated Exodus reposition and when I did that Kodi showed that it updated a lot of add-ons.

    Hope this helps.

  12. I have a new firestick and I am getting a “no streams available error”. My old firestick on another TV works fine. I have tried…

    Uninstalling then re install
    Clear providers
    Clear cache
    Checked date and time
    I have tried everything except the language problem. Could this cause no streams available?

  13. I want to try to change the language to fix my no stream available issue, however, my menu looks different from the one on the video! I have no programs tab and absolutely nothing says ‘confluence’ like in the video. Doing it from my fire stick and only have a system tab with the options- video add-ons, program add-ons, file manager, system info, pulse cleaner, and 18/12/16. Please help!

  14. I have no stream available on Exodus. It was working fine a month ago. My son has removed it and reinstalled it. It still doesn’t work.

    • Exodus seems to have this issue a lot. Their severs have only deteriorated. So either wait for them to resurrect their servers or get a new add-on, there are many.

  15. I have an Amazon Firestick Get 2 and installed Kodi and added on Exodus, Phoenix, and Sports Devil on 1/21/17. The first night all TV and movies worked. The next day, Exodus and Phoenix TV shows worked, but no movies. It shows an empty folder when you click on Movies and select genre, year, people, etc (all if them). I uninstalled everything and reinstalled the same three. I’ve checked for updates, but don’t know what else to do. I’m a Jodi noob and need some guidance please.

  16. I have a really weird problem. I came home the other day and hubby says that ‘the box’ is playing up. Now the only shows we can see on Exodus are pre-1970. WTF? and HELP! Nothing comes up when i do a direct search and if i click on my favourites it also goes nowhere. I have tried everything. I have uninstalled and re-installed three times and still the same problem. He is a bit of a klutz and i am hoping he just pushed some wrong buttons somewhere. All help greatly appreciated.