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Download Framaroot APK For Android [One Click Root]

Download Framaroot APK For Android [One Click Root]

An android device can be empowered with huge customization options with the help of root access. Most of the android users are aware about the rooting techniques and its advantages. But, not many people know that there are hell lot of ways with which you can root and android smartphone. Framaroot is one of those. Framaroot makes the process of rooting really simple as the app does all the work for you. So in this article we will answer some typical questions about Framaroot app. For instance, how to use framaroot? How to root android using Framarooot? We will also provide you the link to download Framaroot apk for android.

download framaroot apk for android

What Is Framaroot?

If you remember, there were days when people used to spend a lot of time in rooting an android phone. It took a lot of time. But now, everything has been automated. You don’t need to perform all the necessary steps to root your device. Apps like Framaroot will do all the work for you. Which means you can root android device without computer or PC. Framaroot app can help you root your smartphone in just one click .Interestingly, you can even unroot android using Framaroot in one click. So, let us proceed to the Framaroot APK download and then we will discuss how to use Framaroot.

How To Root Android Using Framaroot? Download Framaroot

Now let me clear one thing right in the beginning. Framaroot may or may not work on your device. The only drawback of Framaroot app is that it is not 100% efficient. You need to hit and try if Framaroot is compatible with your android smartphone. So let us begin the process.

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First of all, download Framaroot APK from here and transfer it to your smartphone.

  1. Open File Manager, and tap on the Framaroot APK file.
  2. Now select “Install” and let the app get installed.
  3. Open the Framaroot app from the Menu.
  4. Now if the app fails to open or shows any error after opening, it only means that your device is not compatible with Framaroot.
  5. If you don’t get any error, then you’ll see three options. Install SuperSU, Unroot & Execute Script.
  6. In order to continue with the root, you need to select Install SuperSu.
  7. This will install the SuperSU app in your device, which is important for rooting.
  8. SuperSu is basically an app which handles all the permissions with the root.
  9. After installing SuperSu, if you get an error then you need to go back to the Framaroot. Now you need to check if there is any other app than SuperSu. If not, then Framaroot won’t work for you.
  10. If you get a message like “your phone has successfully been rooted”, then restart your phone. After restarting, open SuperSu and tap on “Update Binaries”.
  11. You’re done.

If the Framaroot app crashes during the process above, then uninstall the Framaroot app and install it again. Framaroot is very unpredictable, but it reduces all the efforts for rooting when it works.

framaroot apk download

How To Unroot Android Using Framaroot?

  1. Open Framaroot app.
  2. You shall see three options, select the “Unroot” option.
  3. Now you can select any of the options which you’ll get ahead.
  4. All the files of root will be deleted in not time.
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Using the Framaroot 1.9.3 app is really easy. You can root Kit Kat, Jelly Bean, Lollipop and most probably all the lower versions of android with it. Rooting android gives you a lot of customization options. You can design the smartphone according to your needs. There are hundreds of tweaks and mods available to install. We will be updating our blog with some more ways to root android along with the best mods for android.

Some Common Framaroot Errors & Their Meaning

Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot. This simply means that the exploit or any code which is trying to root, is not compatible with your device. Hence, you can uninstall Framaroot as it won’t work with your device.

Framaroot doesn’t root after I update my device. This is because the Framaroot was compatible with the previous version of your android software. The latest version of your operating system denies to cooperate with Framaroot.

Framaroot crashes when I select Gandalf exploit. Nothing to worry here. Framaroot usually crashes in the first attempt. You just need to relaunch the Framaroot app and try selecting Gandalf exploit again. It should work.

Framaroot Half Success. This is a very complicated case. If you have a good technical knowledge of android rooting, then check this link. It will explain you how to solve Framaroot half success problem.


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