Download Appcola For iOS Without Jailbreak | iPhone/iPad

Download Appcola For iOS Without Jailbreak In iPhone/iPad: If you are an iOS user using your i-device from years, then you might feel so bad for your OS restrictions since it always hinder you from almost everything which Android devices could do seamlessly like rooting, installing third-party applications, customization, cracking Android applications. Of course iOS has plenty of apps which can fulfill your day-to-day tasks. But when it comes to installing the third-party apps android stands apart from the crowd, you can easily get paid apps for Android devices free of cost since it is an open source platform. But in iOS, it restricts idevices to install any apps which are not downloaded from official app store. And most of the “Best of the best” apps and games are PAID. Appcola app can assist you in installing various premium app for free in your iPhone without having to jailbreak it. We are here to present your with the exclusive Appcola Download. You can download appcola very easily.
download appcola for iphone without jailbreak

But we have brought some good news for you. How about installing paid apps for free without even jailbreaking your idevice?

Sounds good right?

Well, keep reading, you might save few bucks in the future by following this tutorial.

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We assume you own an iPhone, but of course that doesn’t mean you are willing to buy every app you would love to have in your idevice.

Here in this article We are sharing a way to get paid iOS apps for free on any non-jailbroken idevice.

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Install AppCola Without Jailbreak On iPhone/iPad

After reading this tutorial you will be able get any paid app without jailbreaking your idevice for free of cost using one of the most trending App Store alternative where all the 50,000+ App Store apps are available for free of cost!

This trending app store is new to iOS app ecosystem which is known as AppCola. You’re certainly here to download Appcola, one of the most amazing app store for iOS devices.

AppCola is nothing but an Apple Assistant which allows you to download the paid apps for free on your IOS device. To avail this Appcola iOS download and install Appcola for iOS on your idevice follow the below steps.

Steps To Download Appcola Without Jailbreak On iPhone/iPad

  1. First of all you have this link and you will be redirected to New Tab through which AppCola app page and just click on the download button there.
  2. After this a pop-up message will appear asking you to authorize required permission for installing AppCola.
  3. Be brave, and just select the Install button on your device, ignoring the cancel button.
  4. Once you have followed the above mentioned steps, then go to your device’s HomeScreen and check out the downloading process.
  5. Once it finishes the down,loading process you can see that the appcola app is visible on your app list.

Voila, you successfully installed appcola without jail breaking! Easy is waiting, it isn’t over yet, proceed with next steps a bit more carefully, since you installed this here because it is an application from an unknown source. So you have to make this app viable to trust via Trust profile section of your idevice. Now that you”re done executing the procedure to download AppCola for iPhone/iPad, we can proceed to some more things.

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Steps To Make Appcola Trusted Source

Now Open AppCola app and it will show a warning alert as follows
“Untrusted Enterprise App needs to be trusted in your device”

You need not to worry, just ignore this pop-up warning

  • * Go to Settings of your device
  • * Look for General settings
  • * In General go to Profiles
  • * In profile there will be Enterprise Apps section

There you can find the Profile for this AppCola app. In that particular Profile just look up for the Trust Button Click and select the Trust Button. Now Go back to your HomeScreen and Open this AppCola Application and Enjoy!

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Now you have AppCola running on your IOS device which is non-jailbroken. It doesn’t matter whether you are running on iOS 9.1 or 9.2 it will work without any issues in the same way. If you want any Paid app for free then in the search box you just have to type the name of your favorite Application and leave the rest to appcola, you will get it for free of cost without spending a penny.
For example, if you want to download GTA San Andreas in Appcola, which is one of the famous game of Rock Star team, which is paid game on the AppStore and you can get this amazing game free of cost from AppCola for iOS.

If you have any questions related to this article, then feel free to  ask us in the comment box below, we are here to assist you with any issues related to this article. You can even check out the video below for more assistance.