Download Afterlight For iOS/iPhone Without Jailbreak [Free]

Afterlight app is trending a lot these days. It didn’t took me long to figure out why people are looking to download afterlight in iPhone for free. Afterlight is a new photo editor app, which has been recently launched in the market. Now, there are many features which would lure a person to download afterlight app without jailbreak. We will discuss those features later. But, right now I’m concerned about the issue that, why people are outrightly taking the option to jailbreak iPhone. You can easily download afterlgiht for free in iPhone without a jailbreak. We are here to explain you the in depth process to download an install afterlight for iOS, and yes it’s completely free.

afterlgiht for iphone free

As we mentioned earlier, Afterlight is a newly launched photo editor app. The app has been launched for both iOS and android. But usually android user any how find a way to download afterlight for free. But, iPhone users face a difficult situation in such a situation. Anyways, Afterlight is growing popular because of the splendid quality of features it offer to the users. Let us quickly discuss some of the salient features of Afterlight app. Then we can proceed to reveal the steps to download afterlight in iPhone.

Features Of Afterlight App

  1. Users can use as many as 15 adjustment tools to find a perfect edit for a picture.
  2. Flash you images with 74 dashing filters. These filters are segregated into different types, for instance Instagram pack, seasonal pack, etc.
  3. You can apply all the permutations and combinations by fusing the adjustment tools into these filters.
  4. Apply textures to your pictures. Can you guess how many? 78 fully functional textures.
  5. Basic tools like cropping and transformation are also available. On the top these, 15 presets are there to help you with them.
  6. Rotate a picture horizontally, vertically or any way you wish to.
  7. To add a finishing touch, you might want to fix a frame on your edited picture. Now you can choose from 128 different frames to decorate your picture.
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So you can for yourself see how the features can lure you for downloading the afterlight app. Not that we’ve checked all the features of afterlight, we shall proceed to discuss how you can download afterlight app for free in iPhone without jailbreak. Yes, no jailbreak is required to download an install afterlight app in iPhone for free. I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to edit those selfies in your gallery. Don’t worry we’ll put you to work very soon.

Download Afterlight For iOS Free [No Jailbreak]

  1. First of go to the app store of iOS.
  2. Now switch to the featured section in the app store.
  3. In the featured section, you will find an ad displaying “Download Afterlight For Free”.
  4. Click that ad and it will redirect you to download Afterlight for free.
  5. Install the app and start using it.

download afterlight without jailbreak free

Most likely, this trick will work. Afterlight app will be installed in your iPhone in no time after this. In any case this thing fails and you’re not able to download afterlight for free, don’t be disheartened. We’ve got yet another way to download afterlight without jailbreak. Well, now this time we will try something different and use our witty mind to exploit iOS and afterlight at the same time.

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The alternative is to download an app store which lets you download paid apps for free. Many apps are available for this purpose. In fact, we’ve made some of the available for download on our blog. A couple of them include Appcola and HipStore. So you can download these two apps from our blog and then use them to download afterlight for iOS without jailbreak. I know this might turn out to be a bit lengthy process. But nothing comes easy, especially if it’s coming for free. So I hope you’re able to follow this. If you face any problem, let us know through comments. We will update the article with a dedicated process to execute the process.