Terrarium TV for Android iPhone/iPad (iOS) & PC – Download Free App

Terrarium TV is one of the latest and arguably the best app to stream TV & movie content for free. Terrarium TV entered the market with the intention of completely killing off Showbox, Kodi, and other streaming applications. Terrarium TV is a completely safe & legal application as it only acquires TV & movie leaks from various high-quality HD sources and does not allow the streaming of pirated content.

Terrarium TV was originally created as an Android APK, but as you will see in the guide below, through a little bit of creative ingenuity, can also be added to iOS, Windows PC, Firestick & more as you will see below!


How to Install Terrarium TV App on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

As we mentioned above, Terrarium TV was originally created for Android devices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it to work on your iOS device. Follow our simple guide below to install Terrarium TV on iOS for Free!

  1. Download the free vShare app which will allow you to download paid apps for free on iOS. vShare is not available through the iOS App store so you will need to manually input the URL “http://www.vshare.com/” into your browser
  2. Once the download is complete you need to install the Vshare app. You might receive a warning since it’s not from the official iTunes App store, you can ignore the warning and proceed with the installation. 
  3. From within the Vshare app, search for “Terrarium TV” & hit the install button
  4. Once the installation is complete you can open Terrarium TV on your iOS device and start watching HD TV & movies
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How To Install Terrarium TV on Your Fire Stick

Warning: Your Fire Stick usage can be monitored by government & ISPs to crack down on dangerous and illegal activity. We recommend the use of a VPN to protect yourself and protect your identity. We strongly believe in ExpressVPN which is an industry leader and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Learn more about ExpressVPN here.

While the Fire Stick is great for streaming content, there is nothing better than streaming FREE content. Adding Terrarium TV to your Fire Stick is a great way to continue to enjoy top quality content, without paying top quality dollar. Please see below for our full guide on installing Terrarium TV on your Fire Stick.

  1. Turn on “Allow apps from unknown sources: on your Fire Stick. This can be done by going to Settings >> System >> Developer Options.
  2. Search for ES File Explorer App & open it.
  3. Within the ES File Explorer App find “Tools” on the left sidebar and click on the download manager button and click where it says “+ New” from the menu on the bottom of the screen.
  4. A Box will open up prompting you to fill in the fields for path and name. For path writehttp://bit.ly/TTV198” and for name write “ttv198”. (These links get updated periodically so if you find these links out of date please let us know in the comments below and we will update with newer links).
  5. Once the download is complete you can open the file & begin the installation process
  6. When the installation is complete you can start enjoying Terrarium TV on your Fire Stick. Yay!
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How to Install Terrarium TV App on PC (Windows & Mac)

Streaming TV through an iPhone or Android device is AWESOME, but there is nothing better than watching on the big screen of a laptop or PC. Now, unfortunately, Terrarium TV can’t be downloaded directly onto a PC, but with a little help from an Android emulator, anything can be done! Check out the guide below to see how to install the Terrarium TV App directly onto your PC today.

  1. Download & install the Bluestacks Android emulator onto your PC
  2. Download the Terrarium TV APK from the following link here
  3. Once the download has been completed, open the downloaded Terrarium TV APK file by right-clicking on the file and opening it with the Bluestacks application
  4. Once the app has been successfully installed you will be able to find it within the Bluestacks program
  5. In order to enjoy Terrarium TV, you will need to run it through the Bluestacks emulator every time


How to install Terrarium TV APK on Android

Terrarium TV was created for Android making the installation process fairly simple, however, the app can’t be found on the Google play store requiring a little bit of work before enjoying endless content streaming. See below for our complete guide on installing Terrarium TV on Android.

  1. Download the Terrarium TV APK directly from the following link here
  2. If a message pops up warning you about downloading from “Unknown sources” then check the box approving the download from an unknown source
  3. Once the download and installation is complete, you can start enjoying high-quality content streaming directly from your Android
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Thank you for reading our post and I hope we answered all your questions about Terrarium TV. If you have any questions then let us know in the comments below!