Snapchat Temporarily Locked : For How Long?

Your Snapchat account has been temporarily locked. This message would scare the shit out of any social media fanatic in the world. There are many questions which will pop up in your head after getting this messages. How long will my snapchat account temporarily locked? Why is my snapchat locked? How to unlock Snapchat account? We are here to analyze this situation briefly and answer all your questions succinctly. Also you will get an idea of what you should not do while dealing with Snapchat  now onwards.


how to unlock snapchat account

Why Has My Snapchat Been Locked?

Let us first understand. Snapchat is an app that lets you capture the beautiful moments in your life in real time. People can share the photographic memories, sometimes in the form of videos as well, with their friends. Snapchat is different from others in a major way. Though recently Snapchat has introduced a memory feature using which people can post pictures from camera roll, but before that one could not post any memory from past. Owing to its characteristic of real time, only memories from present and live could have been posted.

Usage Of Third Part Apps

But, internet is made to break the rules. Many unethical third party apps exist which can crack this thumb rule of Snapchat. So answering the question now, if you Snapchat account has been temporarily locked, there’s a high probability that you’re using one such third party app to manipulate the way Snapchat works. I’ve witnessed this live when a friend of mine was trying to upload a snap from 1 hour back in the past by using such third party apps. Within 5 minutes, he received a message stating “Your Snapchat account has been temporarily locked”.

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Spamming Random People On Snapchat

Apart from these, there are a couple of reasons which could get your Snapchat account locked. For instance, if you haven’t verified your Snapchat email or mobile number your account will get locked in the next clean up spree. Next, if you’re spamming unknown people a lot, you again are trying to put your Snapchat account in jeopardy. Upon receiving many spam reports for a particular person, Snapchat will take a strict action by locking the account down. So make sure that you come clean in all the aspects while using the wonderful app, Snapchat.

In some exceptional cases, many genuine account may also get locked with a bunch of nasty accounts. In such cases, your account will be unlocked within minutes by just shooting an email to Snapchat support.

How Long Does Snapchat Lock You Out For?

In usual cases your snapchat account will get locked for a day or two. Once you take appropriate measures, your Snapchat account will be unlocked and you can resume the usage of services. In case it’s been a couple of days and your account has still been locked, then uninstall Snapchat. Make sure you’ve uninstalled all the third party apps. Restart your phone and install Snapchat again. This will work for most of the cases. However, if this still doesn’t gets the work done, then you’ll have to contact Snapchat support. Either email them your situation or send them a tweet.

How To Unlocked Snapchat Account?

Well, now that you’ve committed the crime, its time to apologize. For those using the third party apps to tweak Snapchat services, its time to bid them adieu. Snapchat has grown very stringent when it comes to this. If you try to unlock your account without uninstalling the third party apps, you’re likely to get a message “Sorry, we were unable to process your request“. So move your butt (or fingers) right now and uninstall those notorious third party apps.

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Snapchat Temporarily Locked

When you get the message of your account getting locked, you will also see a yellow button to unlock as shown int he image above. Simply tap on this button and get your account back.

Other than that, also make sure that you’ve verified your email and phone number that you’re using for Snapchat. Furthermore, do not try to bother random people. Know your limits or get ready to be barred from Snapchat for a longer duration. Iteratively getting locked can even get your account locked out of Snapchat¬†permanently. So enjoy the perks of Snapchat and have a great time uploading snaps.