Roku’s free streaming videos coming to Samsung Smart TVs

This summer is looking to be a very entertaining month for Samsung customers as Roku has recently announced on their blog that they are planning to launch their popular Roku channel on select Samsung smart TVs. The Roku channel offers hundreds of Hollywood hits from comedies to romance to award winners and more all completely free and available whenever you want.

Previously to gain access The Roku Channel you needed a Roku Smart TV or a Roku Streaming Player attached directly to your TV. Roku allowing access to their channel through A Samsung Smart TV is a major shift in Roku’s strategy as up to this point they have relied almost exclusively on their own TV operating system to make money and view Samsung as one of their major competitors.

Samsung Smart TV

Roku, who has always been viewed as a leader in offering free entertainment options, views this move as an opportunity to serve a wider audience by making their product available through additional devices, and they expect Roku to continue to roll-out to additional smart TVs in the future. This strategy is also widely used by Google who offers a number of Google apps on iTunes and yet still competes directly with Apple through their Android devices.

Business and financial strategy aside what does this mean for us? It would appear that the real winners of Roku’s decision are us, the consumer, as we can now access their media directly through select Samsung smart TVs without the need to hassle with our existing devices.

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