How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages [Simple Hack]

How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages [Simple Hack]: WhatsApp. One of many prominent instant messaging apps that help you in keeping constant contact with family, friends, companions and colleagues. All you need to do is send a “Hey” to feel close to them. However, sometimes you find yourself losing the WhatsApp messages either when you’ve deleted them due to the privacy issues or accidentally. In either case, it would make you feel sad as you’ve precious texts that you want to save for the rest of your lives. In such situations, you feel the urge of retrieving the deleted WhatsApp messages only to find you don’t know how to.

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Fortunate enough, there is a tool that helps you in recovering your messages under the name of Android Data Recovery tool.  An essential tool with maximum workability, it makes the recovery process easier irrespective of the type of device you’re using with an Android software (Be it Samsung, Motorola, HTC or LG).

retrieve deleted whatsapp messages

Step by Step procedure of how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages:

  • The initial step is to download the free version of the tool. Once can find the tool in the Google and install it on your computer by tapping the “Install option.” Make sure that you have installed the tool and find it in the system tray menu.
  • Secondly, while doing this procedure; you should be sure that you’ve not updated anything or operated your device since you have deleted the messages. If you did, your backup files might have been overwritten, and there is a minimum possibility of extracting them back.
  • Now, launch the tool by tapping on the icon with the display message “Android Data Recovery” in the menu. Connect your device to a PC/Laptop using the USB cable.
  • Make sure that the computer identifies your device. Once you’re done with it, enable the USB debugging on your device. This is to be done based on the Android version you’re using:
    • Android 4.2 and further: If you’re using the latest update, anything above 4.2; go to “Settings”. Select “About Phone”. From the drop-down menu, select “Build number” until you get a popup saying, “You’re under developer mode.” Navigate back to the “Settings”, and opt for “Developer options” and enable “USB debugging” by checking the square beside it.
    • Android 3.0-4.1: Go to the Settings>Developer Options>USB debugging and turn it on.
    • Android 2.3 and older: Go to the Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging and turn it on.
  • After enabling the debugging, wait till the recovery tool detects your device. Choose the detailed applications that are to be scanned, like “WhatsApp” and select “Next” to begin the scanning on the interface to detect the data.
  • Spend a particular time noticing the scan and once the scan is complete, you will be able to preview the recoverable data. Click “WhatsApp” from the menu and select “Recover” button to recover all the chat history and within minutes you can find the data back.
  • The other way to prevent the chats from losing is by backing up WhatsApp on a constant basis, say daily or weekly by joining it to your email account.

So I hope the above points might have helped you retrieve all the deleted messages in WhatsApp. You can ask any question regarding WhatsApp in the comments below.