Download InoJB For iOS Without Jailbreak [InoCydia]

Install InoJB For iOS No Jailbreak: iOS jailbreak tweaks are indeed popular and used worldwide by many iOS users. Cydia is one of the best tweaks used by all the users who go for jailbreak. But, now there are many options available for people who do not want to jailbreak their iPhone/iPad. Previously known as InoCydia, and now InoJB is the latest tweak for the iOs users. The InoJB app is a tough competitor to the Cydia as it facilitates most of the qualities of Cydia. You guys can download InoJB or InoCydia for iOS without jailbreak from here. We have also explained the installation process.

For those who are confused, let me clear the air. Why should you not choose Cydia and why are we tagging InoJB/InoCydia as it’s alternative? Well, Cydia is a popular tweak which can only be used with the iPhones/iPad that have been jailbroken. It can not be denied that Cydia is an amazing thing to have as it can be used to install many tweaked iOS apps. These tweaked apps can drastically improve the way your iPhone/iPad performs. The same can now be done, to an extent, with the help of apps like InoJB.

download inojb for ios without jailbreak

Not many of you would be acquainted with the fact that lately, many apps like InoJB have been released. These apps are actually kind of an app store for iOS. But, the twist here is that none of these app stores have paid apps. All the apps are free to install. Moreover, some of them even offer tweaked apps and games for iOS. To mention a few, Mios.Haimawan, Qooapp & Flekstore are some of the best apps like InoJB. So in case you do not like InoJB for some reason, have a look at those alternatives.

How To Download InoJB iOS ? [No Jailbreak]

Now that you guys know everything about the InoJB/InoCydia iOS app, we can move on to download InoJB. Not only the download, but we will also get you through the installation procedure for the InoJB iOS app. Make sure that you follow all the steps without making any mistakes.

    • Open Safari browser and open the link that we have mentioned below.

InoJB Here

  • Once you open the website, you shall see an “Install” button.
  • Tap on it to initiate the installation of InoJB.
  • Let the installation complete.
  • Start the InoJB/InoCydia app.

Note: If you get an error that the app i snot trusted, it’s fine. Go to the Settings>>General and then “User & Device Management”. Here, all you have to do it trust the developers of InoJB/InoCydia app. That’s it, now you go back again and start the InoJB app for iOS. Without jailbreak, you have successfully installed the InoJB/InoCydia app for iOS. After opening the app you shall find that user interface of InoJB looks exactly similar to the Cydia. Also, most of the apps are those, whch you cannot get for free from the iOS app store.

If you browse the InoJB/InoCydia app, you will find many interesting apps. From themes, wallpapers, to tweaked apps, games and emulators you will get everything. No, you don’t have to pay a single penny to download and install these apps from InoJB. Most of the popular apps for iOS like Pokemon Go Hacks, screen recorder for iOS and emulators for Gameboys can be found. Why would one want to choose Cydia, which requires jailbreak, when they can get this marvelous InoJB without jailbreak.


  1. I have successfully installed iNOJB Without Jailbreak my iPhone 5c. and working great. Now i can get all my favorite apps on my iPhone. Thanks a lot for sharing this. keep up the great work.