Download Popcorn Time App For Android/Mac/PC

You can download Popcorn time app apk for android from here. But do you know what Poprcorn time app is? How will popcorn time android app help you? We are going to discuss all the news about Popcorn Time app here. Poprcorn time app will help you a lot to watch movies, TV shows, under all the categories for free. You can download Popcorn Time app in your android smartphone and avail all the benefits of the Popcorn Time for free. We will demonstrate the steps for this today.

If you are having issues with subtitles then please visit our article about Popcorn Time subtitle delays.

popcorn time app download

What Is Popcorn Time Android App?

Popcorn Time is a one stop app for entertainment. An effective alternative to apps like Cinemabox & Showbox, Popcorn Time provides just as many perks as them. You can watch all the latest movies & TV shows using Popcorn Time app. The beauty is that you don’t even need to download movies or TV shows and waste time. You can straight away stream movies & TV shows online using the Popcorn Time app. Once you’re done with the Popcorn Time app download, you can grab a world full of entertainment in your smartphone.

download popcorn time app apk

Now that we’ve discussed all the features and important characteristics of the Popcorn Time app, let us check how you can download Popcorn Time app for android. Installation is very simple once you’ve downloaded the Popcorn Time app. Though you can ask any questions you have regarding the Popcorn Time installation in the comments below.

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How To Download Popcorn Time Apk For Android?

  1. Visit this link to
  2. You will see a Download button in the website.
  3. Hit that Download button and you will be redirected to another page.
  4. Here you would see Popcorn Time apk for android. Tap on that and the download will start.
  5. Now if you’ve downloaded the apk on PC. then transfer it to the smartphone.
  6. Open the File Manager in your smartphone and locate the Popcorn Time Apk.
  7. Tap on the apk to start the installation.
  8. The Popcorn Time App will get installed in a few minutes.

popcorn time app apk

How To Download Popcorn Time App For Mac OS ?

Well, it’s nothing too tough a job. You can refer to the instructions above. The only change is that, you’ll will using your Mac for downloading the Popcorn Time app. So, follow the above steps and download Popcorn Time app for Mac from Now, in Mac you’ll download a dmg file. Run that dmg file and the Popcorn Time app will get installed in less than 2 minutes. Start the Popcorn Time app from the applications. Trust me, you’re gonna experience a premium service of entertainment under absolutely free maintenance cost.

Using the same procedure, you can also download Popcorn Time app for Android TV and devices running on Linux. You see how flexible Popcorn Time app is. The only thing which one may find disappointing about the Popcorn Time is that it cannot be installed on iPhone. Yes, that’s one big time issue with the Popcorn Time. But, rest of the users can enjoy a good Showbox & Netflix alternative.

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How To Use Popcorn Time Android App?

We have till now successfully downloaded and installed the Popcorn Time app for android. Now you can go ahead and explore the app yourself. Or you can follow our short and simple guide to know how you can use Popcorn Time android.

  1. Open the Popcorn Time from the menu.
  2. You will see a lot of movies and TV shows in front of your screen.
  3. From the left tab, you can switch to either movies or TV shows as per your choice.
  4. Below that you can select the genre of movie or TV shows which you want to explore.
  5. Search bar on the top will help you to search for a specific movie or a TV show.
  6. In case of a TV show, upon select a particular TV show you will have to choose a specific season and an episode.
  7. In case of movies, you can directly tap on the Watch Now option to start the movie streaming.

So this was a simple and short guide for the usage of Popcorn Time android app. We will be updating more articles on Popcorn Time app. Hold on iOS users as out next article will be on Popcorn Time download without jailbreak. Those who don’t have a smartphone don’t need to worry either as we will also be covering how to download Popcorn Time for PC here. Just stay tuned and keep visiting Apps Jail blog.

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