Farming Simulator 18 APK Mod Download for Android

Simulation games can be carved at the top in the Android market, because of the strategies that are involved in it. Over the era, they have been gaining certain craze and it all started with the farming games. If you remember, Farmville is one such game that became a huge success and left an impact on the developers to explore more in this niche.

Started from there, one of few very impeccable farming games is the Farming Simulator which is the favorite game of many players. In case if you are looking for a farming experience where you can harvest the crops, grow them, raise the cattle, livestock the animals, farm different terrains, supply the yields and run a business, everything with the help of the modern equipment; Farming Simulator 18 is the best game that you can opt for.

As the name speaks, this game will let you immerse yourself in it, where you play the farmer’s role. However, the game gets interesting with the heavy equipment and the farming techniques that you use to plant the crops, nurture them, harvest and then supply them to the storage. The game module has many astounding features that draw the attention of the players and you can also find heavy machinery,┬ádriving┬átractors for the simulation of the farming.

As a farmer, you have to feed the animals and care for them. The list of the animals includes chicken, cows, pigs and the sheep. In every module, the users will be advancing from one stage to another depending on how they have played the last level. Also, time variants play an important role in the game. Some of the things take 6 hours to complete while some take less.

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The game contains various crops that can be planted from time to time to be harvested. You have to inculcate towards the rewards to gain more points while learning about the realistic techniques involved in the modern day farming world. Previously, the regular version has made the game boring with the slow enhancement of points but with the Farming Simulator 18 Mod APK, you can gain points limitlessly and move through stages easily.

Features of Farming Simulator 18:

Farming Simulator

  1. You can bring the real life graphics and simulation right to the users and make them know about the theme, a little more.
  2. You can use around 20 different vehicles, tools and equipment during the farming.
  3. You can harvest different types of lands based on what kind of crops you want to grow with a crop domain of Potatoes, Sugar beet, Wheat, Corn, Canola etc.
  4. The user can also get hold of animals in order to maximize the farm resources from time to time.

Farming Simulator 18 Mod APK Details:

Version: 1.0.08

Android OS: 4.4 and above.

Size: 12.72 MB

Developed by: Giants Software

Download Farming Simulator 18 Mod APK:

One can avail multiple features from the Farming Simulation 18 Mod APK as it allows you to gain infinite points. The game will cost around INR 100 in the Google Play Store and here you can avail the Mod version for free. All you need to do is access the System Settings on your mobile, go to Security and enable downloading by checking the ‘Unknown resources’.

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After that, retract back here and click on the link saying, “Download Farming Simulator Mod APK’ file. Access the notification bar and click on the downloaded file to start the installation. Wait for it to get done and launch it from the home tray menu to play it with abundant resources and reduced limitations.