Download Mobogenie App APK For Android/PC/Windows [Easy Guide]

Mobogenie is a new market for apps of android operating system. For all this people who have an android smartphone, Mobogenie is an interesting software. Not only for android users I’d say, but also for windows PC users. Yes, Mobogenie for PC is also available. But what do you expect from Moboginie or why would you download Mobogenie for android or Mobogenie for windows? Well, I bet you’ll be convinced after reading this brief article. We have covered A to Z of Mobogenie here. How to install mobogenie, how to use mobogenie, etc.

download moboginie app for android

Why To Download Mobogenie?

If I’m not wrong, the only source of new apps for you till now has been the Google Play Store. But the party starts only when you move outside of the play store. Google is very choosy while approving android app. Hence, most of the interesting apps which do not make it to the Google play store, are found on Mobogenie.

Being a unique platform for the android apps, Mobogenie accepts all kind of apps. This was all for people who are looking for Mobogenie apk. Now, how does Mobogenie for PC works. Let me tell you guys that Windows or PC user have a lot more to garner from the Mobogenie app for PC. There are many features specific to the Mobogenie PC app only. We will discuss all of them along with their usage in the later part of the article.

How To Download And Install Mobogenie APK For Android?

This section can be skipped by the people who are here to download Mobogenie for PC. Here and in the next section we will explain the process to download, install and the usage of the Mobogenie android app. So let us start.

  1. You can download Mobogenie apk from the official website.
  2. After you open the link above, you will land on the Mobogenie official website.
  3. Right on the homepage you’ll see an option to “download Mobogenie pro android“.
  4. Simply click on that and the Mobogenie apk download will start. You can even download mobogenie app for android by scanning the QR code besides it.
  5. Once downloaded, just tap on the apk and start the installation.
  6. The Mobogenie app might demand some permissions during the installation.
  7. Grant the permissions if you’re prompted to and proceed.
  8. Installation will hardly take a minute.
  9. After installation, you’ll be able to see the Mobogenie app icon in the menu.
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So this was the installation procedure for Mobogenie android app. I hope you’ll perform all the steps correctly and not face any difficulty. Next is, how to use Mobogenie android app? Believe me, using the Mobogenie app is really simple. I will explain all the features of Mobogenie which you could use while operating the app.

NOTE: If you get an error while installation like “Installation Blocked”, then perform the following steps and it will be solved. Go to the Settings>Security. In security, you need to check the option “Unknown Sources”. This error generates because we are installing an app which is not a part of Google play store. So we need to instruct the smartphone explicitly that we want to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Moving on, in order to use it, just start the Mobogenie app. You shall see an interface similar to that of Play Store. That’s because Mobogenie itself is a marketplace of apps. But unlike Google, all the apps on Mobogenie are available to download for free. Yes, that’s one advantage of the Mobogenie app.

download mobogenie app for pc

So you could just skim through various apps in the Mobogenie app. Just open any app you like. You will find a button to download that app. Once you click that button, that particular app will be downloaded and installed in no time. In nutshell, Mobogenie is more or less similar to use as the Google play store.

How To Download Mobogenie For PC/Windows?

Now for PC, we have a similar procedure, but the usage is completely different. We will also show you what all you can do on Mobigene PC app. Sure you can install a lot of apps. But Mobogenie for PC app offers much more that just downloading apps. Let use check it out then.

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  1. Download Mobogenie for PC from the official website.
  2. You’ll be redirected to the official website of moboginie after clicking on the above link.
  3. You shall see the option of “download mobogenie 3.3 for PC”.
  4. Make sure that you download the Mobogenie pc app from your desktop.
  5. Now install the Mobogenie app for pc on your desktop.
  6. Create a shortcut on your desktop during the installation.

Installation procedure for Mobogenie app was really simple in the case of PC. However, there are many features of Mobogenie app waiting for you. So let us move forward and analyze each of those features. If android users are still here reading this, then let me tell you guys that there’s a bonus app from Mobogenie at the end of this article. It is a good alternative for Xender and works better than that. We will discuss about it after we complete the tutorial for Mobogenie PC application.

How To Connect Mobogene PC App With Android Phone?

  1. First you need to activate the developer mode in your smartphone.
  2. To do that, go to the Settings and open About section.
  3. Under than tap on the build number 7 times.
  4. This will activate the developer options in your smartphone.
  5. Now, open Settings again and go to the Developer options.
  6. Here, check the USB Debugging option.
  7. Start the Mobogenie PC app from your desktop.
  8. Connect your smartphone using a USB cable and make sure that your smartphone is connected in USB debugging mode.
  9. The Mobogenie app will quickly detect your smartphone and download all your files and display it in the app.

Now that we’ve successfully connected the smartphone with the Mobogenie app for PC, let us look at all the features which you can use. We have listed a couple of videos at the end of this post to help you understand the steps better. So in case you don’t understand any procedure, you can take reference from the videos.

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how to use mobogenie for pc

Download Apps, Wallpapers, Ringtones & Videos Using Mobogenie

Probably one of the most expected and common features. You can download and install apps directly from your PC while your smartphone stays connected. And just like apps, you will even be served with a good collection of ringtones, wallpapers and videos.

Create & Edit Contacts | Send SMS Using Mobogenie

Mobogenie can access all you contacts from the PC application. Using the Mobogenie app you can create new contacts while using it on desktop. Similarly you can even update the contacts. Moreover, the mobogenie app for PC can even help you send messages without using the smartphone.

Create & Restore Backups

You can take regular backups of the data. This is probably one of the most useful feature that Mobogenie offers apart from the varied range of app. Since downloading and installing apps is a regular phenomenon, Moboginie app includes the backup features to secure the data of your phone. That way you don’t even need a separate app for the purpose.

how to take backup in mobogenie

Move The Data Between Phone & SD Card

Finally, you can even move the apps from phone memory to the SD card. You may periodically import and export images from phone to Mobogenie and vice versa. All these are just to help you cope up with the memory management. You can choose not to use these features if you don’t like.

download mobogenie for pc

So here we announce an end to the features and installation procedure for the Mobogenie app for android and PC. I hope you enjoyed reading through the article. I would now like to announce the new app which I had mentioned above. The app is used to transfer data between two smartphones at a considerable rate of transfer. It is the Cshare app for android. Cshare is a very good alternative for Xender and ShareIt app. You can read our guide to download Cshare android app here. Enjoy!

How To Install Mobogenie In Android

How To Use Mobogenie App For PC