Top Apps For Coronavirus [Covid-19]

Coronavirus has been sweeping through the world bringing along with it a lot of fear as well as medical complications. While we at appsjail aren’t able to comment on the severity of the virus itself, we can help provide some relief by showing you our top apps for coronavirus. We’re going to separate our app recommendations into 4 mains groups.

  • Communication
  • Information
  • Education
  • Entertainment

Communication Apps For Coronavirus

Keeping in touch with loved ones during this difficult time is more important then ever with more and more people staying home or being forced into quarantine. In addition to the above, although we have yet to experience any services outages, it’s possible that they can occur so finding a reliable app is critical, therefor we recommend WhatsApp as our pick for the best communication app.

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WhatsApp, who is owned by Facebook has immense resources and a global reach that should be able remain online even during the worst crisis. WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption making sure all your communication remains confidential in addition to voice, video and chat messages. In addition to the above we also recommend checking out the following:

  • Slack – A messenger app mostly used for business.
  • Skype – A great app for voice and video calls
  • Zoom – Use this app if you need to have multiple members on the call at the same time.

Information Apps For Coronavirus

Getting live, up-to-date data on the progress of the virus is essential to make sure you have the tools to protect yourself. We recommend which automatically scrapes data from reliable sources from all over the world & updates every minute to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

In addition to the above, the WHO also offers an interactive dashboard that is slightly less user friendly but the data can certainly be trusted.

Educational Apps For Coronavirus

During your time at home in either mandatory or voluntary isolation it is recommendation that you keep your brain, and the brain of your children as engaged as possible. Some kids will be forced to miss school.

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  • Duolingo – Keep your brain sharp as you learn additional languages
  • Lightbot: Code Hour – Learn the basics of coding
  • – Full online curriculum for kids aged 2-8
  • Sheppard Software – This website offers hundreds of free, online, learning games for kids from kindergarten to 8th grade.

Entertainment Apps For Coronavirus

Staying home for a short period of time can be a nice refreshing change for many, but being stuck at home for an extended period of time can be excruciatingly boring. Check out our recommendations below for the best entertain apps for coronavirus.

  • Headspace – With all the added stress with the current situation, taking some time out with a meditation app might be exactly what you need.
  • Mario Kart Tour for iPhone and Android – With multiplayer functionality, you can play with your friends and neighbors who you might be separated from
  • Pocketcasts – Easily find and stream podcasts in your free time

During this tough time, the most important thing is to take care of your health and safety. If you think there is an app that deserves to be on this list then please let us know in the comments below.