Do Not Trespass While Playing Pokemon Go [What To Do?]

Pokemon Go has now integrated a new message which appears as soon as the players start the game. The message says, “Do not trespass while playing Pokemon Go”, “Don’t enter dangerous areas while playing Pokemon Go”. These messages were added in the beginning of the game due to the chaos that some players created around sensitive places all around the world. The best example for this, cemetery. Most cemeteries are Pokestops and Pokemon Go players surpassed the sentiments attached with the place while being engrossed in the game.

do not trespass while playing pokemon go

Cemetery is a special place for some people and everyone ought to respect it. However, many players without paying heed to it were found stepping on the tomb stones. As humans we need to realize the line where we should stop drooling over a game. Cemetery is just one of such places. Wherever you’re playing the game, be it a Museum, Hospital, School, just be aware of your surroundings and respect people & their sentiments attached to the place.

This was just the case of hurting sentiments of people. You might also be aware of the private places that you enter. You could be trespassing an area which could land you into some serious trouble. I hope you have heard the news about two teenagers being caught and misunderstood as robbers while catching Pokemon at someone’s home. Do forget to be respectful towards the fellow travellers. Try not to be destructive while you’re on the journey to catch Pokemon.

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If you’re trying to enter any place just because you could find a rare Pokemon and you’re being stopped by watchman or caretaker of the place, there’s no need to argue and be a retard. These people are just doing their job and you should be the one to understand here. Remember that you’ll be spoiling the image of a Pokemon Go player if you decide to do otherwise. This could restrict the Pokemon Go developers to come up with fun features considering the animosity people would hold against the Pokemon Go players.

Do check out the video below to understand my thoughts well.