Borderlands 2 Zero Sniper/Melee Build : Skill Tree [Complete Guide]

It doesn’t matter how good a player you are ad far as Borderlands 2 is concerned. Or how far you’ve come playing the game. This article will prove to be of immense knowledge for everyone, as we dismantle the guide to Borderlands 2 Zero Build. We shall focus on all the skills and explain everything in simplest manner. Let me first list out my favorite builds for the Borderlands 2 Zero & then we shall discuss each of the separately. Make sure you read each of them and pick the ones which matches your style of playing.

borderlands2 zero sniper/melee build skill tree

Borderlands 2 Zero Builds

  1. Sniper: Perfect build for long range shooting & significant damage.
  2. Melee: Appropriate build for large volume of enemies & melee action.

Sniper Build

The Sniper Build delivers best performance in terms of critical hits. But only if you choose the optimal skill tree which involves picking the right skills at right tiers. There can be numerous combination which could work out for different people depending upon their playing style. But I’m gonna lay down the basics which might help everyone.

Bloodshed according to me is the worst lot of classes as it it focuses specifically on the melee action. Considering that the most important part of the game is boss fights, during which melee is not much effective, I prefer it less. The ability is gives is basically time stacking and it’s not that great because normally it’s difficult to kill enemies in one shot will melee. The Cunning tree is better and the last ability is truly amazing. I would put half of my money here & half on Sniping tree, because it can do wonders if hit on the weak spots. This has been an effective technique to hit the targets easily and kill them instantly.

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borderlands2 zero sniper build

Tier 1

  1. HeadshOt [5/5]: 20% Critical damage
  2. Optics [5/5]: +15% Zoom and +60% Aim Steadiness (reduces aim disruption when taking damage).
  3. Iron Health [5/5]: +15% Melee Damage and Maximum Health.

Tier 2

  1. Killer [5/5]: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy give you +50% hit damage & +75% reload speed.

Tier 3

  1. BOre [1/1]: Shots pierce through enemies, gaining +100% damage per enemy pierced. Enemy crit locations highlighted in Deception.
  2. One Shot Kill [5/5]: The first shot from a fully loaded magazine deals +60% Damage.
  3. Velocity [5/5]: +100% Bullet Speed, +15% Critical Hit Damage, and +10% Gun Damage.

Tier 4

  1. Kill COnfirmed [5/5]: Up to +40% Critical Hit Damage depending on how long you aim down the sights.

Tier 5

  1. At One With The Gun [5/5]: +125% Hip-Shot accuracy, +50% Reload Speed, and +5 Magazine Size with Sniper Rifles.

Tier 6

  1. Critical Ascension [1/1]: Scoring a Critical Hit with a Sniper Rifle gives you +6% Critical Hit Damage and +5% Damage with Sniper Rifles. Can stack up to 999 times. Stacks begin to decay if you haven’t scored a critical hit in a while.

Melee Build

Borderlands 2 Zero Melee Build

Tier 1

  1. Killing Blow [5/5]: +500% Melee Damage against enemies with low health.
  2. Iron Health [5/5]: +15% Melee Damage and Maximum Health.
  3. Counter Strike [5/5]: After getting hit, your next melee attack has a chance to deal +250% damage.
  4. Headshot [5/5]: +20% Critical Hit Damage.

Tier 2

  1. Ambush [5/5]: +20% damage when attacking enemies from behind or when attacking an enemy who is targeting someone other than you.
  2. Killer [5/5]: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you +50% Critical Hit Damage and +75% Reload Speed for a few seconds.
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Tier 3

  1. Backstab [5/5]: Your melee attacks deal +40% damage when hitting an enemy in the back, dealing massive damage.
  2. Followthrough [5/5]: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives +40% Movement Speed, +30% Gun Damage, and +40% Melee Damage for a few seconds.
  3. Execute [1/1]: Melee Override Skill. While Decepti0n is active and a target is under your crosshairs, melee to dash forward a short distance and perform a special melee attack. Has a range of 3 meters.
  4. Rising Shot [5/5]: Each successful ranged or melee attack gives you +10% Gun Damage and +9% Melee Damage for a short time. This bonus can stack up to 5 times. Faster weapons can gain stacks more quickly, but slower weapons retain stacks for a longer period of time.
  5. Death Mark [1/1]: Dealing melee damage marks a target for 8 seconds. Marked targets take +20% additional damage from all sources.
  6. Bore [1/1]: Shots pierce through enemies, gaining +100% damage per enemy pierced. Enemy crit locations highlighted in Decepti0n.

Tier 4

  1. Resurgence [4/5]: Killing an enemy with a melee attack restores up to +16% of your healthdepending on how low your health is.
  2. Innervate [5/5]: While Decepti0n is active you gain +10% Gun Damage, +35% Movement Speed, and regenerate +4% of your Maximum Health per second.

Tier 6

  1. Many Must Fall [1/1]: Killing an enemy with a Melee Attack during Decepti0n deploys an additional holographic decoy and extends the duration of Decepti0n instead of ending it.
  2. Death Blossom [1/1]:
    Action Skill Augment. Throws a handful of Kunai knives. Has a random elemental effect. Does not take character out of Decepti0n. Can be used five times per cooldown. Can apply Death Mark.