Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators

Nintendo, as we all know is a big player when it comes to the gaming industry. Recently, the Pokemon Go, a Nintendo product took the world by storm. But Nintendo was more known for its eccentric gaming consoles. Nintendo 3DS is by far the best-selling gaming console for the company. So much is the popularity that the users are even looking for the Nintendo 3DS emulators for various devices. We are here to share the best Nintendo 3DS emulators for Android, iOS, and desktop here. I hope you guys will like the list.

DraStic DS Emulator (Android)

Being one of the most popular Nintendo 3DS emulators, Drastic DS has made it to the top of the list. Most of the games available for 3Ds can be played using the emulator. Along with being just an emulator, Drastic DS comes with various other features as well. For instance, users can customize the screen layout while playing as per their comfort. It supports Google Drive to save game progress. However, Drastic DS emulator is available on play store against $5.99. But I’m sure that if you search on the internet, you’ll find a free & cracked version.

NDS4Free (Android)

For those who can’t spend that amount and are too lazy to find the free version, NDS4Free is a good rescue. It’s not the oldest emulator but it has been on the market for quite some time now. This emulator for Nintendo 3DS supports all the basic features including saving the game progress and then loading it later. Since it’s an open source software, various updates are found every now and then. This also means that all the problems get resolved without much time delay.


NDS4iOS is the lone Nintendo 3DS emulator for iPhone available. Moreover, you don’t even need to jailbreak the iOS device to use the NDS4iOS emulator. The NDS4iOS works pretty well with the latest iOS 10 and hence is the reliable choice for all the iOS users. The installation process for NDS4iOS is really simple and the performance is outstanding. NDS4iOS is, unfortunately, the only option for iPhone users. But it is the best as well.

Citra Emulator

Now something for desktop/PC users. We have already listed the Nintendo 3DS emulators for Android and iOS. Citra Emulator is also an open source software, which is available for the Windows users. This is my personal favorite 3DS emulator because of the user interface. The aesthetics of this software are attractive and one can easily get addicted to the Citra emulator. Most of the games for Nintendo 3DS can be run on Citra.  Since it is open source, Citra 3DS emulator download is not charged and users can avail it for free. For more information check out our guide on how to download Citra 3DS Emulator for PC, Android & Mac.

That’s it. Due to the demographics of users, we have included two android 3DS emulators and one for iOS and desktop. But, the primary motive was to share the best available Nintendo 3DS emulators for all the kinds of devices. I hope you guys will find these helpful and enjoy playing Nintendo games in these emulators. Just for the record, Pokemon games are most popular when it comes to Nintendo emulators.