Adfly Bot Complete Guide

Do you ever wish you could make money from the comfort of your home without having a boss telling you what to do. That is exactly what was created for. is a link shortner that will pay you every time someone clicks on your link! It’s the ultimate took for someone who is looking to make money from home leveraging their social media and blogs! While researching this article, it also came to our attention that there is a bot that has been created to help distribute’s links. It is referred to as the Adfly bot.

What Is Adfly Bot

As the name implies, Adfly Bot is a bot that you can set up to help you distribute your links across to help you make money. While we are intrigued with the concept and technology behind this, we do not recommend implementing it and are not sure of the legalities behind it. To see how to set up your very own Adfly Bot please follow the guide in the video below.

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