SIE Account Maintenance PS4 | Deactivate PS4 [Fully Explained]

If you have more than one PS4 accounts and you alternate between them frequently, you’re likely to face an error something this. “Cannot activate this system as your primary PS4. Your account already has another system activated as your primary ps4. To activate this system, deactivate the other system.” Now, as simple as it looks, to solve this issue, one just needs to deactivate all the other systems in their PS4 accounts to solve the issue. However, many users are facing trouble with the same. if you’re one of them, then follow the simple steps listed below to active your system as primary PS4.

SIE Maintenance PS4 Deactivate PS4

I’ve found users claiming that they never changed their primary system, but they got this error despite. It looks like a technical glitch to me, which however, can be solved easily. You might also get a message stating “If you do not have access to the system that was registered as your primary ps4, you can unregister it using SIE’s account maintenance web site. For details, refer to the user’s guide.” However, when you’ll try to deactivate PS4, nothing will change. Many users have also complained that they couldn’t find the option to deactivate PS4. So I’m here to guide you through.

How To Deactivate PS4?

  1. Go to
  2. Sign In & then go to “Account Settings”>>”Account”
  3. Now open “Media & Devices”
  4. Here you’ll find the option to deactivate all PS4 systems.

Most users make the mistake on the 2nd step, when they go to Devices in Account Settings. So make sure you follow the correct procedure as stated above. Now you can activate your system as the primary PS4 and continue playing games. Let us know if you have any more queries regarding deactivation of PS4 or SIE Account Maintenance error.

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