Download Gameboy Emulator For iPhone & Android

The word Gameboy brings many memories back from the childhood. The days when we used to keep sticking to our beloved Gameboy. It seems like the child has not grown yet because I can see many people looking for the Gameboy emulator for iPhone¬†and android. So being a blog with all the apps for android, iPhone & Windows, it’s our duty to server all of you with the best Gameboy emulators android & iPhone version available in the market. Along with the Gameboy color emulator & GBA4iOS iOS 10, we will also cover the Gameboy emulator Roms & games as well.

It all started when Nintendo released the portable gaming consoles called, Game Boy in the market. These Gameboys had the ability to deliver mind blowing graphics (at that time). Since then, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation & Xbox have come a long way in revolutionizing the way games are played. Lately, all of them are driving the flavor of Virtual Reality in their gaming consoles. This seems to be working really well as we’re to see innovative steps in the field of gaming every now and then. But leaving all the news behind, Gameboy emulators are have gathered a huge demand.

Gameboy Emulator For iOS & Android

There are many Gameboy Emulators available on the internet for android and iOS. But, not all of them are free to use. Most of them are paid , which the Gameboys fans find quite irritating. So, we have handpicked all the free Gameboy color emulator iPhone & android version for you. Using these emulators, users can taste the same old games of Game Boy in their android smartphones and iPhones. We will also listed down the sources to download Gameboy ROMs at the end of the article. So keep an eye on them.

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Gameboy Emulator iOS/iPhone (GBA4iOS)

The best Gameboy Emulator for iOS/iPhone is GBA4iOS. Period. I just cannot find a better competitor to GBA4iOS. Even if there’s any available, it just cannot match the abilities of GBA4iOS. Moreover, GBA4iOS is completely free to download, without jailbreak. I don’t think there’s any Gameboy iPhone emulator which is free to use and doesn’t demand jailbreak at the same time. So I won’t talk much more now, you simply check out our article to download GBA4iOS emulator for iPhone/iPad. In case we find any alternative for GBA4iOS, we will surely update the article. But I don’t think that’s going to happen any soon.

GBA.emu (Android)

So this is basically the free version of premium GBA.emu emulator for Game Boy. But, this works pretty much well for normal gaming desires. You can save your games and then start from that point. The compatibility rate is good, so you can play maximum games of Game Boy using this emulator. There’s one drawback of this emulator, it has not been updated since a couple of years. This means that most of the bugs, if any, shall unresolved. But then, it’s completely free to use and there’s no in-app purchases as well.

MegaN64 N64 Emulator (Android)

MegaN64 is basically an open source project and this is a tweaked version of the original emulator. But, it finds the spot in this list because of some cool upgrades as compared to the original version. It works just fine, and if you’re just too much bothered about paying for a Game Boy emulator, then MegaN64 should be your ideal choice. Performance is decent and I’m sure this Game Boy emulator won’t let anyone’s hopes down. Moreover, you can download and use it without paying even a penny.

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RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch is one of the most popular Gameboy emulators for android. This emulator is compatible with almost all the games and you could spend whole day playing Game Boy Color games on your smartphone. The controls in this emulator can be customized as per the requirement & convenience. Just like android, this is an open source software. No, that does not mean that you’ll have to deal with irritating advertisements while using it. It’s purely gaming stuff!

GBC.emu Emulator

Remember the first app in this list, I mean the emulator? This is made by the same developer as that emulator. This also means most of the features are similar. But one thing I find disturbing about this emulator is the the absence of save feature. Yes, you cannot save the state of any game. This means that the GBC.emu Game Boy android emulator is good only for playing arcade games, or games which don’t require saving the progress. I can assure that all the Game Boy Color games will be compatible with it.

So these were the best android and iOS Game Boy emulators for you. In case you’ve been using any which didn’t find the place in this list, let us know. We will check it out and append it in the article. But I’ll have to put my hands down for the GBA emulator iOS. GBA4iOS stands by far the most efficient and popular emulator for iOS. We will be back again with yet another list of apps for you. Till then you can checkout our blog for more such interesting apps & articles. Enjoy!