Black Friday Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Deals 2016

We all know that on Black Friday, there are discounts everywhere on each and every product. This is the time when, we all can grab all those gadgets, including bose bluetooth speakers, that we wanted since long. So yes, today we’re talking about the best Black Friday deals on Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetotth Speakers. Bose is an eminent giant in the field of sound system. Their speakers are unarguably the best in the market. So, if you’re planning to buy one, you should check out all the Bose bluetooth speakers black friday 2016 deals.

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Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Black Friday 2016

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Black Friday Deal


We are completely in love with the Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speakers. We won’t be shy in speaking out loud that in this article, out recommended product is the Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker. But, keeping in mind the interest of everyone, we have also included other Bose Bluetooth Speaker Deals on Black Friday 2016. So, there’s something for everyone here. Let’s not talk much and get straight to the works. Below are our pick for the Black Friday Bose Bluetooth Speaker 2016 Deals.

Best Bluetooth Speaker Black Friday Deals 2016

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Black Friday 2016

The Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker emits big fat sound with a deep bass and crystal clear sound at the same time. This assures an ultimate experience for every kind of music for anyone.

This bluetooth speaker by Bose is, obviously, portable. But, at the same time is compact which make it easier to carry. The voice prompts make it simple to pair any device using bluetooth by talking. And lastly, the long lasting battery can help you listen to music for as long as 10 hours at a stretch.

Cambridge Soundwork Oontz Bluetooth Speaker

cambridge bluetooth speaker black friday deal 2016

Now I would just let the discount do the talking for this one. Would you believe it? The best seller bluetooth speaker on Amazon is offering discounts on this occasion. Cambridge Soundworks Bluetooth Speaker is the next generation ultra sound bluetooth speaker.

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It delivers high quality stereo sounds. Don’t think this is a cheap product which won’t last 2 days. It comes with all kinds of protection. Yes, not only is it water resistant but also dust resistant, splash proof and rain proof as well. It’s a ideal bluetooth speaker to use at a beach or pool side. It’s a light weight product and offers a 7 hour long playtime in one charge.

Dknight Magicbox Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

dknight bluetooth speaker black friday deal 2016

This is what Black Friday Bluetooth Speaker Deals look like? Again discounts on bluetooth speaker on Black Friday. I really don’t know what will compel you to buy, if this doesn’t. DKnight bluetooth speaker is equipped with best quality acoustic drivers.

It claims to offer strong bass even at the highest volume, which means a consistent sound quality. The new Bluetooth 4.0 is compatible with DKnight Bluetooth speakers. Weight just 11 ounces, it is really easy to carry it anywhere and make the most out of it.

Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker

bose soundlink bluetooth speaker black friday 2016 deals

We all know that Bose speaks loud about the quality of its products. The Soundlink Color model is again a desirable bluetooth speaker. It supports clear and full range of sounds, which usually is not expected from such a compact speaker. 

Pairing devices is a piece of cake with the help of automatic voice prompts. It is powered with a lithium ion battery which powers the device for up to 8 hours. The looks are decent but still Bose wins the hearts with the quality of its sounds. It is really recommended that you have a look at the discounts and deals of this amazing Bose bluetooth speaker

Cowin iChocolate Mini Pro WiFi Bluetooth Speaker

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ichocolate mini bluetooth speaker black friday

This wireless bluetooth speaker has two different drivers and two passive radiators. They help in maintaining the sound quality at all the levels of volume and deliver excellent music quality. There is no loss of sound or quality till the range of 100 m radius. 

All the controls ate placed in such a way that they can be accessed with an ease. The battery gets charged faster and offers playback time of 6 hours. The mini iChocolate Mini Bluetooth Speaker is a decent buy if you're on a tight budget. 

We’re not ending the list here. We’re actively searching for the best bluetooth speaker black friday deals and we’ll be updating the list as and when we find them. Till then, you can check some other Black Friday 2016 deals. We have listed some really good Ninja Coffee Bar Black Friday Deal

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