Download Zestia For iOS 9/10 Without Jailbreak

Download Zestia For iOS Without Jailbreak: We all know that there are many Cydia Alternatives available nowadays. These Cydia Alternatives can be downloaded and installed in iOS devices without jailbreak. This has been the most beneficial quality of these apps. Zestia is also one of them. Zestia app for iOS can also download hundreds of apps for free in iPhone/iPad. But not many people know about the apps like Zestia, which are really good alternatives for Cydia and free escape to jailbreak. Here we will discuss everything about the Zestia iOS app, how to download and install Zestia app and some other apps like Zestia as well.

So if any of you came here by searching for X-Cydia, don’t be baffled. Zestia is only a new name being given to the previous app called X-Cydia. Now the Zestia app is a savior for people who like to install new apps in their iOS devices. Interesting iOS apps always come at a cost. This cost is usually the need to jailbreak iPhone/iPad. But, using Zestia app for iOS, many apps including games can be download without having to jailbreak iOS device. Also, each of the apps which can be downloaded from Zestia, are completely free. So those on a tight budget should surely check this app out.

Download Zestia App For iOS | No Jailbreak

We have already discussed that Zestia is a good alternative for Cydia. But, there are many apps like Zestia as well. Some of them are TweakBox, Hackz4iOS, Appvn and Flekstore. Now all of these apps also work really good. Each of them consist of different kind of apps and you can leverage the variety by installing each of them. But I would anytime vote for Zestia for some reason. This reason essentially is the ease of use and user interface associated with Zestia app. Anyone can easily download app using Zestia, even if he/she is new to the app.

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Download Zestia iOS app

How To Download & Install Zestia iOS App

Zestia app is not available on the official iOS app store. It is because of the Zestia app not being authorized by the official iOS. But, that doesn’t mean that Zestia is not safe to use. All the app available on Zestia are legit and work like a charm. If you’re convinced, then let us discuss the procedure to download Zestia app for iOS. We will also lead you through the installation steps of Zestia so that you can straightaway start with the download of apps.

    • Launch the Safari browser and go to the official website of Zestia that we have mentioned below.

  • There you’ll see a button with “Install Zestia” written on it.
  • Tap on that button to initiate the Zestia app download.
  • Once the download completes, the installation will start automatically.
  • During installation, you might be prompted to trust the developer of Zestia.
  • Make sure the you do it, otherwise Zestia app will not work.
  • If you don’t get any such message while installation, then you shall do it externally.
  • Go to Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management>>Select the developer of Zestia.
  • Now tap on trust and then start the Zestia app.

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That’s pretty much done. Now you can use the Zestia app and browse through hundreds of iOS apps. All these apps can be installed for free. In case you don’t find any of the apps listed in Zestia of your interest, then you shall install any other app like Zestia. This is the only way to find variety in apps. We have already listed apps like Zestia above. But you can check more of them by checking other articles on our blog. Also, you can send us your queries through comments below. We will be quick in replying and solving your issues.

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