Xposed Framework Is Not Yet Compatible With Android SDK [FIX]

Rooting an android smartphone has become a trend recently. One cannot deny the fact that root access to your android smartphone can open a hundred doors of customization. I don’t think there’s a need to elaborate much on the concept of root. I assume you’re here to solve the problems with Xposed Framework. Xposed Framework is not yet compatible with android SDK. This is one of the most common issues one can face while installing and executing the Xposed Framework. There’re quiet a few reasons that you’re getting this error. Let us try to analyze and solve the compatibility problem of Xposed Framework in your smartphone.

Xposed framework is not yet compatible Error

Possible Causes Of Xposed Framework Is Not Yet Compatible Problem

There’s a good chance that you’ve download a wrong version of Xposed Framework. We will discuss more about which version of Xposed Framework you should download depending upon the android version in your smartphone. If you’ve installed the Xposed Framework with the help of an app, then again you’re bound to face such issues. The ideal way to install the Xposed Framework is to download the installer and do it manually.

You don’t need to stress much of you’ve facing the compatibility error while installing Xposed Framework. We will suggest you some fixes, following which you should be able to install the Xposed Framework without any offsets.

xposed framework compatibility issues

Solve Xposed Framework Is Not Yet Compatible With Android SDK Issue

  1. Let us get the basics correct. If you’re using android Kitkat or any version below that, then you must be eyeing to download Xposed Installer 2.7v version. One can certainly face compatibility issues if done otherwise.
  2. Similarly, if you’re using android Lollipop or 5+ then download Xposed¬†Installer 3.0v version. So you already resolved the issue if you ignored these two points while installing the Xposed Framework before facing the error.
  3. To make a fresh start uninstall the current Xposed Framework and follow the steps below.
  4. Download Xposed Installer as per your android version as I’ve stated above.
  5. Now we need to download the Xposed Framework SDK. This is again a crucial step.
  6. For Android Lollipop 5.0, download SDK 21, for android Lollipop 5.1 download SDK 22 and for android Marshmallow download SDK 23.
  7. Further also download Xposed Uninstaller in case anything goes wrong while installation to escape.
  8. If everything falls in the right place, you should be able to get over the compatibility error of Xposed Framework.
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In case you don’t know how to install Xposed Framework, then I’ve also embed a video tutorial below from the official XDA developer. Please watch it for any assistance. Also I want to inform that if you’re using CM on Marshmallow, then some modules for Marshmallow may not work. So keep that in mind. Xposed Framework is known for the flexibility in customization it offers eliminating the need to install a ROM. Without a ROM you can avail just as many features using the Xposed Framework as with a ROM.

How To Install Xposed Framework In Lollipop From Scratch

I hope the above suggestions will solve your problem. Enjoy!


  1. For Android Lollipop 5.0, download SDK 21, for android Lollipop 5.1 download SDK 22 and for android Marshmallow download SDK 23.

    what should I do if I’m using android 4.4.4 ?

  2. Need SDK 24 compatible.