The Chive App Not Working | Why Won’t Chive App Work?

The Chive App is best app in terms of entertaining people. If you’re one of the people who like to check out the funny photos, the The Chive app is your thing. However, since last two days, many users have reported about Chive app not working problem. Why won’t Chive app work? Well, there could be many reasons. The Chive app officials have themselves declared the reason why Chive app is not working. We right now will try to know that reason and solve the problem so that you can use Chive app again.

chive app not working iphone

What Is The Chive App All About?

The Chive claims to bring the most funny photos and videos from all around the world. You can check all these funny videos and photos on the Chive app and get yourself entertained. One doesn’t necessarily needs to login to the chive app account to use the app. However, there are some good perks of doing it. The Chive app blog have explained how you can see the sexier side of the Chive App by simply logging in to the Chive app account.

Why Is Chive App Not Working?

No getting to the main issue for today, why is Chive app not working. According to the official Facebook account of the Chive app, they’ve been hacked. They have posted on their Facebook page that the reason why the Chive app is not working in iPhone since a week. According to them, some terrorists with no “talent” have hacked their app. But the developer team of the Chive app is confident enough to recover the Chive app in the coming days.

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So all we can do is wait, till the Chive app developers do their work. By the time, you can check out some cool stuff on our blog for your android and iOS smartphones. Enjoy!

the chive app not working

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