The Showbox APK & App Guide : Download, Install, Problems

Entertainment is a big time business in the world today. The industry makes billions of dollars every year with the help of splendid talent. Thousands of people pay money to buy tickets for watching films everyday. Entertainment has spread its leg in all domains and have quiet satisfactorily captured the smartphone era as well. Netflix is a live example of how entertainment is banking on the peoples entertainment needs. But using a premium service at a premium cost is not a privilege that everyone can afford. For those people, apps like Showbox comes as a boon. In this comprehensive guide of ours, you will find everything you need to know about the Showbox app & how to download Showbox via the Showbox APK.

Introduction To Showbox

Showbox is an app for smartphone, which is available for both android and iOS. Carrying the same concept of Netflix & HotStar, Showbox is kind of a freebie. To make it simple, Showbox offers the same service as Netflix but completely free of cost. Damn right it is not ethical and probably legal. And that is the reason why you won’t find Showbox app in either Google Play Store or iTunes app store. Showbox, however, exists and is known to a few people around the world who are active on the internet. With this article, we aim to disseminate the word about Showbox app.

showbox app download android

Is Showbox Illegal?

Yes. Showbox is illegal because if violates the copyrights law. Ideally, you are supposed to either pay apps like Netflix which have bought the rights to stream the movies and other stuffs, or you are supposed to pay for the DVDs of those movies. The question you should ask is, will I be sent to jail for using Showbox app? To answer this question, we wold like to ask another simple question and trust us you’ll not think once before using Showbox then. Have you ever used Torrents? Has anyone ever been sent to jail for using Torrents? I hope you get our point. In order to be be 100% sure, you can use VPN to cloak your IP address and stream unlimited entertainment on the Showbox app.

How To Download & Install Showbox App?

As we mentioned before, Showbox can not be downloaded from the official Google Play Store or the iTunes app store. The developers of Showbox have smartly managed to find out a method to induce the Showbox app in your smartphone. The android users can simply download Showbox apk and install it in a typical way. The iPhone/iPad users will have to follow our guide below in order to download Showbox for iPhone/iPad. We will discuss steps to download Showbox for android as well as Showbox for iOS. So that even a person who has no knowledge about installing an app, can download Showbox app.

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How To Download Showbox APK For Android?

Downloading and installing the showbox android app is really simple. As we know that android is an open source operating system, there are no limitations in installing third party apps. You can simply download showbox app apk from the link given below. After that follow the next set of instructions to install the showbox android app.

  1. Go to this link and download Showbox APK for android.

How To Install Showbox App In Android?

  1. After downloading the showbox apk, transfer it to the smartphone.
  2. You can also download showbox apk directly from the smartphone.
  3. Open the apk file and install showbox app.
  4. When the installation gets completed, open the showbox app.
  5. If there’s any update available, the showbox app will prompt you to download that.
  6. You can download the latest showbox version or continue with the same.

How To Download Showbox For iOS?

Now, let me tell you guys something interesting here. Dude to some reason, Showbox was blocked for iOS some time ago. But the developers of the Showbox released the app again with a different name, MovieBox. Apart from the name, nothing changed. The services provided by MovieBox are similar to that of Showbox. So let us discuss how you can download and install Showbox aka MovieBox on iPhone/iPad.

  1. Go to
  2. Tap on the “Install App” button to download the Moviebox app.
  3. You can also scan the QR code below the button to download app.
  4. Either way, wait till the download gets completed.
  5. The app will get installed automatically.
  6. Now when you open the MovieBox/Showbox app, you might get a message that the app is not trusted.
  7. In order to make it trusted, follow the steps.
  8. Go to Settings>General>Profile & Device Management.
  9. Under that select the developer of the Showbox app.
  10. Select “Trust this developer”.

shownbox app for ios

After following the above instruction, open the Showbox/MovieBox app again. Now stream all the movies, TV shows, etc for free. If you’ve faced any problem during this process, let us know. We will solve all your queries.

Video Tutorial

How To Download Showbox On Amazon Firestick [Video Guide]:

How To Download Showbox App For PC?

There are some people who hate to watch movies on mobile. I can totally understand their viewpoint. Mobile screens are just too small to watch a nice movie together with friends. So, one might feel the need to use the Showbox app in PC or laptop. For Windows users, it won’t be much a troublesome task. You guys just need an android emulator. This android emulator will run the Showbox apk for you and operate the app just as it might have worked in a smartphone.

  1. We recommend Bluestacks, which is an eminent android emulator.
  2. Download Bluestacks android emulator from here.
  3. Install the Bluestacks emulator in your PC/Laptop.
  4. Now download Showbox app apk in your laptop.
  5. Use the link which we’ve mentioned above to download apk.
  6. Open the showbox apk in your PC/laptop with Bluestacks.
  7. Bluestacks will install the Showbox app in a few minutes.
  8. Once the installation is completed, find the showbox app in Bluestacks.
  9. Open the showbox app in Bluestacks and start watching movie & Tv series streams.

download showbox app apk

How To Download Showbox App For Mac?

Installing showbox for iOS was a bit difficult job. And so is installing Showbox for Mac. It will be a lengthy by worthy process. So without wasting much time, carefully follow each step that I’ve mentioned below. In order to download showbox for Mac, we will get ourself an android emulator for Mac. I hope you got an idea how we’re gonna trick the Mac OS and use an android app on your Mac.

  1. Download Genymotion for Mac from here.
  2. Download Showbox Apk from the link we’ve put above.
  3. Now install the Genymotion for Mac.
  4. Open the genymotion and it will ask you to setup a virtual android device.
  5. Click on “Yes” and select an appropriate device from the list.
  6. Make sure that the resolution of the device is good enough.
  7. I would recommend you to select the Samsung Galaxy S5.
  8. Once the virtual device gets created, let it open.
  9. The virtual device will start just like a typical android device.
  10. After the device has started, drag the showbox apk into the virtual device.
  11. The showbox app will get installed in the virtual android device.
  12. After the installation, open the showbox app from the virtual device.
  13. If the app says “install blocked”, then go to the Settings and check mark the “Unkown Sources”.
  14. Now start the Showbox app again in the virtual device.
  15. This time the Showbox app will work.
  16. Now you can enjoy loads of movies and other entertaining stuff for free.
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showbox app for mac

Video Tutorial

How To Stream Showbox App To Chromecast/Apple TV?

The method which I’m going to explain below, will work for all devices like Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, XBox, etc. Showbox can be streamed to your Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox, etc in a few minutes. Just follow the steps below. You can stream Showbox to Apple TV using an android smartphone without any issues.

  1. Download AllCast app from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Showbox app in your smartphone.
  3. Select any movie which you want to stream to the Chromecast.
  4. Select “Player” and change it to “Other“.
  5. Now select “Watch now” and the app will ask you the player which it should use.
  6. Select “Allcast” from the list.
  7. The AllCast app will search for the available devices.
  8. Once it finds your Chromecast, select it.
  9. The Showbox will now stream the movie to your Chromecast.

showbox app stream to chromecast

Video Tutorial

Problems With Showbox App & Theirs Solution

How To Add Subtitles In Showbox App?

Subtitles are really important for some of the movie lovers. We don’t want to miss even a single punch line hearing it over and over while the movie goes on. But, how to add subtitles in showbox app while watching a movie or a TV series. Follow my instructions below and implement them simultaneously.

  1. Open Showbox app.
  2. Select a movie to watch,
  3. Start the movie streaming.
  4. Once the movie streaming starts pause it.
  5. Now open Google and search for “movie name” + “english/any other language” + “subtitles“.
  6. Select the first link and download an appropriate subtitle file.
  7. Or if you already know, download subtitles from for any movie.
  8. Open the showbox app again, where movie is being streamed.
  9. On the top right corner, tap on the “options” button and select “add subtitles”.
  10. Browse the subtitles which you downloaded from subscene or any other website.
  11. Tap on “Ok” after selecting the subtitle file.
  12. The subtitles will now be visible in the showbox movies streaming.

Showbox Video Not Available Try Another Server

Just for knowledge, let me tell you what this error actually means. Showbox, as we know, is being used by many people all around the world. The users of app has been increasing exponentially. As a result, the servers of Showbox have been experiencing a load more than their capacities. The servers are not able to acknowledge the requests of so many users at the same time. Because of this, Showbox gives an error that the video which you are trying to access cannot be served, as the server is too busy.

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Now how can you tackle this problem. To be honest, this problem can be solved only by the developer of the Showbox app. If they add more servers from where the abundant users of the app can stream videos, everything will be back to normal. But, till then you have two options out of this misery. Either wait for some time and try again when the server is capable to service your request of video. Or you can try a showbox alternative. There are many alternatives to showbox app. Most of them are just as efficient as Showbox. You can try Cinemabox, Terrarium TV, Popcorn Time, etc. With my personal experience, I would recommend Poprcorn Time as I have never had issues with it.

Showbox App Not Working/ Showbox Not Working On PC

These are again problems related to server. They originate from the same root, just appear on different leaves. In the previous case, the main servers of Showbox were active enough to run the apps but the servers which were responsible to stream videos weren’t. In the error like Showbox app not working, the servers which service the request for apps get over flooded and hence fail to respond.

The solution which we suggest here is again going to be the same. Getting disappointed again and again, however, is not everyone likes. So my strong recommendation would be to install at least one showbox alternative app. In case showbox app fails to work at a particular instant, you can use the showbox alternative. This would not only save your time but restrict yourself from getting frustrated. With this, we would like to end our guide to showbox app. We discussed all the ways to download Showbox and install it on different devices. We hope you were able to follow all our instructions properly.

Showbox No Available Free Space On SD

As we have noticed, lately Showbox has started forcing the users to download movies instead of streaming. This has been observed only for some of the movies, but many people face the issue. Not left with any choice, this coerced download of movies by users has created space issues with Showbox. Movies, that too in HD, consume a great deal of space. After watching some movies, you can expect your SD card to give up. There’s no escape to this problem until the showbox app itself reinstates the movie streams.

But, one of the solution for no available free space on SD problem can be this. One can delete the movies which have been downloaded till now and continue to watch more. Yes, or probably buy an SD card with more space if you wish to not let go of already downloaded movies. Follow the steps below to delete the data from showbox app.

  1. Go to File Manager>>Android>>Data
  2. In the Showbox app folder, search for the data which consumes maximum space.
  3. You’ll most probably find the movies which you’ve downloaded.
  4. Delete them and now restart Showbox.

You’re good to go.

Even after reading the whole guide, if you have any doubts regarding the Showbox app, you can ask us in the comments below. We will be glad to help you out.


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