PokeSnipers : Catch Rare Pokemon Easily [Installation Guide]

Recently I’ve been posting a lot of articles about Pokemon Go third part tools. Most of them were more or less similar and redundant. But what I’m going to share now, will surely surprise you. This is not any other tool which will show you the live Pokemon location. PokeSnipers will instead catch a rare Pokemon for you from anywhere in the world. PokeSpiners is probably the easiest way you can hack Pokemon Go and catch rare Pokemon without any efforts. Now you might certainly be wondering, how to use PokeSnipers to catch rare Pokemon? How do I download PokeSnipers to catch rare Pokemon. We will answer all your questions.

download pokesnipers

Where Did PokeSnipers Come From?

I’m a frequent reader of Reddit and just a few hours back I came across this Reddit thread. The world is full of talented people. So this guy proficient at programming managed to develop an application, which can fetch the coordinates (latitudes & longitudes) of rare Pokemon. He made it really easy for the users to use these coordinates to implement and eventually catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Believe me guys, this is the best Pokemon Go hack I’ve come across till now.

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pokesnipers not working

How To Use PokeSnipers To Catch Rare Pokemon?

Though catching rare Pokemon using PokeSpiners is really easy, it is somewhat difficult to install the PokeSnipers in your desktop correctly. So I want you guys to be really attentive and follow each instruction carefully. Here we go.

    1. Download PokeSnipers.rar file from the link.
    2. Extract the rar file into a folder and open the folder.
    3. In the folder, you need to open the file named “User.xml”.
    4. Minimize this “User.xml” file and open Google.
    5. Search for the coordinates of your location.
    6. Copy the latitude and the longitude.
    7. Open the “User.xml” file and update the default latitudes and longitudes with your location.
    8. A few lines below, you will find “Google Username” & “Google Password”.
    9. Update both of them. If you’re playing Pokemon Go using Pokemon Trainer Club account, then use those credentials.
  1. Save the file and close it.
  2. Now go to http://www.pokesnipers.com.
  3. There you will see that the coordinates of rare Pokemon would be getting updated frequently.
  4. Now, copy these coordinates.
  5. Start the “PokeSniper.Exe”.
  6. It will ask your permission, so type¬†“Y” and hit enter.
  7. Now your username and password will be validated.
  8. You will then be prompted to enter the coordinates.
  9. Paste the coordinates you’ve copied from the PokeSniper website.
  10. You will also have to enter the name of Pokemon, it is important that you punch in the correct name.
  11. Click “Change” and then “Start”. That’s it.
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I know it was quiet a lengthy procedure, but once you get used it you’ll find it easier to replicate. Besides, we can spare our attention to catch a rare Pokemon. Now I’m going to address some of the issue with PokeSnipers. Many people have been trying to access the PokeSpiners website to get hold of the coordinates to rare Pokemon. This resulted in the crashing of the website server and hence left the Pokemon Trainers starving of rare Pokemon.

PokeSnipers Not Working | PokeSnipers Not Opening [Solved]

The solution to PokeSnipers not working is not something vey technical. The developer was smart enough to replicate the website on a different address. Although the website is up now and running perfectly fine, in case you’re not being able to access the PokeSnipers website, try this address.¬†http://spawns.sebastienvercammen.be/

I’m sure this web address will work fine and you’ll be able to access the periodically updated list of rare Pokemon coordinates. In order to help you better, I’ve also attached a video below. I found this video on YouTube while searching about PokeSnipers. It will certainly give you a better idea, if in case you fail to understand the step I’ve mentioned above properly. Enjoy!

catch rare pokemon using pokesnipers

If you wish to use any Pokemon Tracker, then we’ve written about quiet a few of them. PokeFind, PokeTrail & Skiplagged are some of best ones which you can check out.


  1. not working. always saying “pokemon is not here”

  2. It keeps saying login failed please help