MS Dhoni Gives Up ODI & T20 Captainship : Twitter Reactions

MS Dhoni has been serving the Indian cricket team for more than a decade. During his tenure as a captain, he has managed to bring India some of the most prestigious trophies. These include ICC Cricket World Cup (T20 & ODI). But lately, many people have been criticising this world class cricket. Following that, maybe, MS Dhoni has today, finally decided to step down as the captain from ODI & T20 of the Indian Cricket Team. Let us see how Twitter is reacting to this. Follow below the live Twitter reactions to MS Dhoni giving up his captainship.

In 2014 MS Dhoni left the captainship from Test team and now from the ODI & T20. Though there are many fans who love the way MS Dhoni has works hard for making Indian team achieve better, there are some who have always criticized his techniques. But, MS Dhoni has every time slapped them with the success and sometimes with humor.



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Naturally, the current successful Indian test Captain, Virat Kohli, who has just won team India a massive win of 5-0 against New Zealand will be the first choice. Fortunately, no further ODIs or T20s have been announced for Indian team so there is enough time for BCCI to make a decision.

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