Mobdro Not Working On Firestick Error [Solved]

Are you a Mobdro application user and Mobdro is not working on your Android TV, chrome cast and Kodi as you expected? You might be facing some errors like mobdro error check log for more information and mobdro not working no connection erros.

Worry not, we will help you with all your queries in this article.

In this tutorial we will guide you to install this application on Android TV, Android cell phones, Chrome-cast, Kodi software effectively without having any issues. So kindly do take after my aid to get how to download and install Mobdro without getting any errors like , mobdro not working on kodi.

Nowadays Mobdro is the important application to cast Movies, TV Shows, Serials, more from our cell phones, Android TV, Chromecast, Media Players like Kodi. It indeed best video streaming service on the web. It has both free and premium versions according to all users necessity.

mobdro not working on fire stick

While using this application, you may get a few errors on its stage. Users may confront a few issues amid installing on gadgets. If you get those mistakes, then don’t stress since you are at the destination to that illuminate those errors. Some of the errors include the most common one, mobdro not working on kodi.

Still not able to solve the error? Try Using KODI on Firestick Instead!

In this advanced era, individuals are utilizing various media players, tablets, cell phones, PCs, and even Smart TVs to get excite with the world of motion pictures, videos, recordings, appears.

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Google produces Android TV for Televisions and Digital media players. It is likewise accessible for Android TV to cast online video streams right from our gadgets.

Follow-up Instructions To Install Mobdro on KODI Without Error

  1. Go to Home Screen and tap on “My Apps” title.
  2. Open a Browser.
  3. Go to this URL: “place URL here.”
  4. Download the most recent version of Mobdro Application.
  5. To get the downloaded apk record: Go to Home Screen – > Local – > FileBrowse.
  6. Search for Mobdro.apk  and tap on it to INSTALL.
  7. Click on NEXT and sit tight for the complete installation.
  8. Now Mobdro is successfully installed on your Android TV. Open it and click on ACCEPT.

Enjoy seamless video streaming from Android TV.

Mobdro is not just for Android. Also for iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Android TV, Chrome-cast additionally accessible for KODI software which is utilized to watch online stuff on Digital Media Player. On the off chance that you are as of now using Kodi and getting issues with it on Kodi, then don’t stress over that here I’ve exhibited you the accurate technique to get introduced on Kodi without mistake.

Now and again some of you may get issues while installing Mobdro on Kodi like, mobdro not working on kodi and mobdro error check log for more information, it might be on the account of more seasoned form so please download and install updated version. Mobdro Add-on is accessible for Kodi/XBMC. It’ll engross users by live stations, Shows, Movies, Serials, Sports, Music, News, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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Solve Mobdro Not Working Problem [Check Video]

Designers have formally declared that Mobdro application is authoritatively accessible and working appropriately for chrome cast users as well. So there is no other methodology to setup Mobdro on Chromecast. Mobdro will naturally identify your gadget and a symbol will be made at the top route bar. So clients can cast streams to the BIG screen without any issues.

So this is our tutorial on Mobdro installation, if you have any doubts do let us know from comments. If you failed to understand and follow the above steps, then check the video below.


  1. I cannot install mobdro on my Sony smart TV either direct or on Kodi. Bought a firestick and mobdro won’t load on that either. Have set all sources to be allowed on the TV and firestick, but it would appear that the .apk or zip files will not download. Help!!!

    • Hey Tim! I don’t know what your problem is, but we’ll soon write a detailed guide to install Mobdro, so wait for it.

  2. Hi, I downloaded Mobdro on Kodi on my android tv box. each time i want to open any of the channnels on mobdro, i receive the error “Mobdro error, please check the log for more information”. Please how best could i resolve this error? Thank you

  3. Hi I’ve installed modbro on my firestick but when i click a channel it tells me “oh no live channel is offline” on everything

  4. David forber says:

    I’ve just downloaded Mobdro onto a amazon firestick
    When I go to click on the icons for sport / news etc I get a blank screen with the narrative “invalid system date error. Please adjust system date” How do I get access to the programmes ?

  5. I downloaded mobdro on fire stick and it keeps saying check error log.

  6. Have just bought an android tt TV box with mobdro already installed (version 2.0.9). When I click on sport it says ‘invalid system date error. Please adjust system date’. The time and date are correct. Have manually put them in and set it to automatic but still the same message (have turned it off and back on again as well!). Any help would be very welcome. Thanks.

  7. Mobdro is on my firestick but doesn’t show on the home screen, why?

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