How To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram Quickly?

Instagram, as we all know, in the new trend and probably, the new Facebook. I can see more of my Facebook friends showing activity on Instagram than on Facebook. I’d coin the situation rare if I find someone, who’s an active internet user, without an Instagram account. Instagram consists of following other users, which gives rise to two terms, followers & unfollowers. We’re concerned about the process of unfollowing everyone or large number of people on Instagram. Also, we want to do this without wasting any time. Let’s see how we can achieve the goal.

As we said earlier, there are followers on Instagram who can see all your photos on their timeline. Being user, you too will be following a number of people on Instagram. But, over the time one might realize that not all the users one is following are active on Instagram. It is only appropriate to unfollow those people. It doesn’t matter if they’re following you back or not, because the loop is not moving. Neither are you getting any updates of that person, nor the person is taking note of your posts. For some users, there might be many such users & it shall be a huge task to unfollow them all.

Instagram Mass Unfollow Tricks

On top of that, Instagram have capped all the activities to avoid exploitation & spamming by the users. In this context, a user cannot unfollow more than 20 people in an hour & more than 200 people in a day. Seems a task then right? Finding such inactive users, making a list of them an then waiting for an hour to complete before you can unfollow the next lot. Who has got all that time? That is why, the mass unfollow Instagram apps are getting popularity lately. These Instagram unfollow apps can bypass the line drawn by Instagram and help you unfollow more than allowed users at a time.

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unfollow everyone on instagram

Before we proceed to list down the services & apps which can do this work, we would like to warn everyone. Going against the rules of Instagram might cost you a knockout from the app. Yes, if Instagram manages to smell this unwarranted activity, your account could get banned. This doesn’t happens often, but it has happened for sure. So just keep this thing in mind that you’re trying to play with fire. Personally, I don’t think using these Instagram unfollow apps once or twice will create any problems. But the risk is still on.

1. Fast Unfollow

This tool is meant for those people who just want to get rid of all the users they’re following. Irrespective of whether they’re active or not, Fast Unfollow tool with start knocking them out of the following list. Initially, Fast Unfollow can be used to unfollow 200 users for free. Beyond that, the you will be charged. For more information regarding the pricing, you can check their website.

2. Crowdfire

Corwdfire is one of the best apps to unfollow users on Instagram. Crowdfire is an app available for android as well as iOS. The apps is loaded with many filters, which simplifies the cleaning of Instagram following list. One can simply find the inactive users at tap of finger. Among them, just check for the ones who don’t follow you back. For the starters, you can start unfollowing these people. Further, if you don’t care about the ones who follow you back but not interesting anymore, hit unfollow for them too. Apart from finding the inactive culprits, you could even schedule Instagram posts using Crowdfire.

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crowdfire unfollow all instagram

3. Cleaner For Instgram

Unfortunately, Cleaner for Instagram is available only for the iOS users. It’s a tool/app made by Robert Paul Neagu. Not only can you unfollow everyone on Instagram using this, but also unlike & delete mass posts. The GUI of app is really attractive and one can easily learn to perform various functions using it. Bypassing the limit set by Instagram, the cleaner for Instagram can unfollow 25-50 users at a time. So for iOS users, this might be a good choice against Crowfire.

cleaner for instagram mass unfollow

Sure you’ll find many such websites, apps & tools which can unfollow mass Instagram accounts. But, I do not recommend using them, unless you’re sure about their authenticity. Internet is a nasty place and hackers are always up for serving the cake along with a bomb inside it. All the services which I’ve listed above are genuine and completely safe to use, ofcourse they’re not free form Instagram’s attack of banning your account. However, using them within limit & occasionally should not create any commotion. More such lucrative apps are listed on our blogroll, so make sure you check them out before leaving. We’ll be back with another article on AppsJail soon.

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