Download Flekstore For iOS 9/10 Without Jailbreak

Are you bored with the apps in the iTunes store? Are you frustrated because of the paid apps in iOS? Do you wish to download iOS apps for free? Then Flekstore is the app you should be looking for. Flekstore gives an opportunity to download various tweaked iOS apps for free. Also, you can install Flekstore for iOS without jailbreak. This is not a usual scenario. Many such apps are being released on the internet lately. Flekstore for iOS is also one of them. You can download Flekstore app for iOS from here.

In this dense jungle of internet, people often fail to find the authentic resources to download apps for iOS, ofcourse other than the official app store. But if you look at the right place, like Appsjail blog, then you might find all the best suited iOS and android apps which one should have in their smartphones. Flekstore is also a useful app for everyone who likes to download tweaked apps and games in their iPhone/iPad. The best thing about the Flekstore app is that it is completely safe to use. We will explain you all the features of Flekstore iOS app here.

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Well, for those who don’t know, Flekstore is basically a third party marketplace for apps. Not actually marketplace, because all the apps are available for free. It is not an official authorized app store, but all the apps available in Flekstore are developed by trusted iOS app developers. Also, you get to download some of the best tweaked apps and games using Flekstore, which is not the case with official app store. Flekstore can used with most of the iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Also, Flekstore is compatible with most of the iOS version including iOS 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 10.1, 10.2 and all their branches.

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Flekstore iOS App Without Jailbreak

It is our duty to make our readers familiar with apps like Flekstore. This gives them an alternative if something goes wrong with the installation of Flekstore. So, the first app which tops the list of apps like Flekstore, is Mios.Haimwan. Some others are Kuaiyong, Tweakbox & Hackz4iOS. All these apps are third party apps marketplaces for iOS. All of them provide free iOS apps. If you install them all, you’ll get a variety of tweaked iOS apps. But do that in a group. For example, install two of them at a time, use them for a week and then take up the next lot.

download flekstore for iOS

But let me tell you guys that Flekstore is different in its own kind. It is better than most of the above mentioned apps in terms of user interface. The apps is rally easy to navigate for anyone. Which means that using Flekstore app for iOS can be really easy for anyone. Installation process is not that difficult as well. One can simply read all the structured steps we have listed below and get Flekstore app working in one’s iPhone/iPad.

How To Download Flekstore App For iOS?

Let us now stop all the unnecessary talks and address the elephant in the room, which is Flekstore. So the process to download Flekstore is very easy and installation is also not a problem. There are two methods to download Flekstore in iPhone/iPad. We are doing both of them. You can try either of them as both shall work pretty fine. Do not make any mistakes as it might result in error while installation.

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Method 1

  • Open the Safari browser and go to the official website of Flekstore, which we have mentioned below.

  • On the official website, you’ll see the install button for latest version of Flekstore.
  • So tap on that and then you’ll be asked for confirmation to install Flekstore.
  • Proceed further and ignore any warning which comes in the way.
  • The Flekstore will get installed within a minute.
  • After installation, go to the home screen and tap on the Flekstore icon.
  • Browse through the app and games, start installing them.

Method 2

  • Open the Safari browser and go to the URL we have listed below.

  • Find the install button for flekstore on the website.
  • Tap on it to begin the installation.
  • Wait till the installation gets over. It might take 1-2 minutes.
  • In case you get an error “developer not trusted” while starting the app do the following.
  • Go to Settings>General>Profile & Device Management.
  • There find and trust the flekstore profile.
  • Now you can start the Flekstore app go ahead to download tweaked apps.

Repositories For Flekstore

After installing the Flekstore app, when you start it you might see an option called “Repo” in the tab as shown below. This is nothing but repository. One can plug in the best repositories of apps and then use them to download via Flekstore. Bu before doing that, you should activate your Flekstore account. This can be done from Settings. We have listed below the best repositories process to install them.

flekstore repository


Insanelyi repository:

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Ryan Petrich’s Repo:

Above are the best Flekstore repositories which one can use. It is very simple to add them. Just open the tab and select the “Repo” option. Now simply enter the URL of repository and select”add” button. That’s it.


So this was all about the amazing app called Flekstore. In case you’re an android user, then you should check out apps like Flekstore for android. Aptoide is one of the best apps for android from when one can download various android apps for free. Apart from it, Mobomarket is also a good choice. We will be back again with another useful app. Till then, checkout other articles on AppsJail.

Is Flekstore safe to download & install on my phone?

Flekstore does not contain viruses, malware, or spyware & does not require you to jailbreak your phone so it is completely safe to download & install.


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