How To Fix ES File Explorer Not Working In Firestick Error

Amazon Fire Stick has just revolutionized the way of entertainment. Many people have went ahead to buy Amazon Fire Stick & Amazon Fire TV. One of the most common application that a Fire Stick user looks for is, ES File Explorer. Es Explorer helps us navigate through the files in the Fire Stick better. ES file explorer comes into use, when you need to install KODI in Fire Stick. But, many users have complained about ES File explorer not working on Fire Stick. This ES File Explorer not working problem can be resolved by taking some suitable steps. We will guide you through it.

ES File Explorer Not Working On Fire Stick

What Is ES File Explorer?

ES File Explorer is a trending application for overseeing files. It accompanies a large number of extra features, for example killing background application processes, direct cloud drive stockpiling (using Dropbox, Google Drive, or Skydrive), and an FTP client applications. So you can utilize it both on your cell phone and also your PC. In one word this is all in one file manager for your devices.

Step By Step Guide To Use KODI On Firestick

The application permits any Android user to deal effectively with the greater part of their documents, having the capacity to get to anything on their cell phone and after that offer it, on the off chance that they so need to. Transferring photographs, moving files, unzipping necessary documents and archives.

ES File Explorer On Fire Stick Not Working

At the point when working with your documents, you will have the great choices you are usual to on desktop PCs, for example, copy, paste, cut, create, erase, and rename. Be that as it may, you can likewise send records to anyone using email.

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You can likewise decompress ZIP or RAR records, get to the files of archives in a wide range of document sorts, and even get to the files on your PC using a WiFi utility.

ES File Explorer is a highly effective application for those more propelled Android users as it will put massive amounts of potential outcomes readily available.

If you are facing issues with ES explorer in your fire stick, worry not. In this tutorial, we will sort out all doubts of yours, and you can clear all errors you had encountered previously while using ES explorer on Firestick.

How To Solve ES File Explorer Not Working Problem?

  1. First of all, make sure you have ES Explorer is already installed on your Firestick:
  2. Go to the home screen of your Firestick.
  3. Go to apps sections and Open es file explorer.
  4. On the left sidebar, choose favorite and click on add with plus symbol which let you add to favorite bookmarks. Click on it which opens a tab with two fillings named path and name.
  5. Here you have to fill path with link http://­
  6. Choose name as “1111aaaa” and then saves it.
  7. After saving it, open this via bookmarks which can be seen on the bottom of the side bar.
  8. When you click on the bookmark, it will take you to application site which contains SPMC 16.3.0, Koḍi 16.1, Koḍi 15.2, Firestopper( Fire OS, Firestarter(Pre-Fire OS and FTP server.
  9. In that list choose Firestarter zip file and Koḍi 16.1 zip file and download these two files.
  10. Once the download process is finished open these two files folder and click on Firestarter. You can find Firestarter-v3.2.2.a­pk and install it.
  11. After installing Firestarter application go back to the previous folder. Now install Kodi161 application just like the previous installation.
  12. After installing both applications go back to home screen and make sure the two applications are installed.
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And now you can run ES explorer On Fire Stick without any issues as Kodi helps in running ES explorer without any issues.

If you are still facing issues with this tutorial, do ask your queries in comments below. We will assist you. For your assistance, we have attached a video tutorial below. If you fail to understand the steps above, then you can solve the ES File Explorer not working issue by watching the video as well.


  1. Hi, when i try and download es file explorer from the app store on the fire stick it says purchase failure- because I don’t have a valid payment billing address on my amazon account anyway around this?

  2. Ernest Lane says

    Es es will not work I have uninstall it and reinstall it and it say not installed how do you fix it?

  3. Ernest Lane says

    It it is free but it say it can’t find app but the screen show up but when I go to favors then go go to add and add Kodi to it hit comes up not installed I have done everything that is show how to do it i had Kodi one time on my fire stick and it work good then it quite working and I had to reinstall it then that’s when es quite working and say hit not installed I don’t know how to fix it

  4. I have kodi on my firestick and it runs fine but when I try to launch es file explorer I get a prompt to update. When I click okay it tries to update but the. I get app not installed message. Any suggestions?

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