Download WhatsDog APK For iOS & Android [v 5.0.0]

Download WhatsDog APK For Android & iOS: WhatsApp has drastically changed messaging scenario throughout the world. Gone are the times when people used to pay SIM card providers monthly subscription for free messages. WhatsApp brought in the technology to exchange the messages for free using just Internet. With WhatsApp, came new features like “Last Seen”, “Status” & “Online”. People went crazy when WhatsApp facilitated the hiding of last seen. But, little do people know that with the help of apps like WhatsDog, the last seen status of a contact can be traced easily. We here, will take you through the WhatsDog apk download and explain the usage of the app.

WhatsApp is one of the players in the group of most used apps worldwide. So much is the popularity of WhatsApp that recently a couple of years ago, WhatsApp was acquired by the Social Media giant Facebook. I have to say this that WhatsApp, indeed, is used by people of every age, The children starting their journey with smartphones find WhatsApp as the first app to install. Why not? It gets you connected with your friends and family. WhatsApp is also known for the privacy that it offers. It has been releasing many privacy updates lately. The WhatsApp last seen hack is still to be found. But, using WhatsDog for android and iOS, the last seen of a contact can be known.

WhatsDog APK For iOS & android

WhatsDog app should not be used for any mischievous ambitions. Rather, it should be used to protect people from being stalked and reporting the same. This comes handy for parents who wish to keep track of their sons & daughters time being spent online. We will demonstrate the process to download and use WhatsDog here.

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How To Download WhatsDog APK?

  • Open your browser and open the link we have mentioned below.

Download Here

  • Now download WhatsDog apk from there.
  • Install the apk and start the WhatsDog app.

Installation of WhatsDog app isn’t much of a task. But now we will move onto something you might want to focus on. Using the WhatsDog app to track the last seen activity of a contact. Please follow all the instruction carefully and I repeat, do not use this trick for any harmful stuff.

How To Use WhatsDog App To Track Last Seen?

  1. Start the WhatsDog app.
  2. Use your Gmail account to log in.
  3. Enter the mobile number who’s last seen activity you wish to track.
  4. You can track only contact number at a time.
  5. Whenever that contact comes online, you will be notified.
  6. These notifications can be controlled.
  7. Tracking data of months can be collected.
  8. Check WhatsApp addiction level based on this data.
  9. Delete the current contact number to add another one.

So that was all about using WhatsDog app for android and iOS in order to track WhatsApp last seen. Now that you have both the eyes over the time spent on WhatsApp by a particular number, you can make your judgements. I would advice every parent to use the WhatsDog app to track how much time theirs kids spend on WhatsApp. I hope this will help them get in their limits. We have written about many such interesting apps on our Apps Jail blog. So do not forget to check out all the apps for android and iOS here. Enjoy!

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