Tongbu iOS Download For iPhone Without Jailbreak [English Version]

iPhone is certainly blessed with some of the most intriguing app. But, sometimes these apps turn out to be paid. We just cannot, buy all the apps we like and pay a huge amount for them every year. Something needs to be done. Have you heard about Tongbu? Tongbu is an app launched by a few developers in China. They have managed to make all the paid apps from iOS app store available for free in Tongbu. Now, suddenly everyone wants Tongbu all over the world. Tongbu iOS download procedure is really simple. We will show you how to download Tongbu for iOS/iPhone without jailbreak.

tongbu ios download no jailbreak

What Is Tongbu App?

Since Tongbu has been developed by Chinese developers, it is completely made in Chinese language. Moreover, you cannot even change the language in the Tongbu app. However, we will help you in using Tongbu app for iPhone in English. Tongbu consists of everything you can thing about having in a smartphone. From all the apps and games to wallpapers, themes and various other iOS tweaks, Tongu has subsumed all the necessities of an iPhone user. Another advantage of Tongbu is that, you can download Tongbu and install it in iPhone or iPad without jailbreak.

People often refrain from downloading or installing any app in their iOS devices thinking that they’ll have to jailbreak it. But, we will show how you can download Tongbu iOS no jailbreak in merely few minutes. Tongbu basically has two components. One is the Tongbu app itself, and the other one is Tongbu assistant for PC and MAC. The Tongbu assistant can be used to manage the apps you download from Tongbu really well. So go ahead an check out how you can download Tongbu tui for iPhone.

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How To Download Tongbu For iOS Without Jailbreak?

First of all I would like to suggest you that download Tongbu assistant. You can download Tongbu assistant from the official website of Tongbu.

Go to Tongbu official website. If needed, translate the page using Google Translate. Check the image below and download Tongbu sync assistant for Windows or Mac depending upon your need. Install the Tongbu sync assistant in your PC or Mac and now jump ahead to download Tongbu app in your iOS device, iPhone/iPad.

tongbu sync assistant download

  • Open the Safari browser in your iPhone/iPad.
  • Type this URL “” and hit enter.
  • Now you’ll see blue button as shown in the image below.

download tongbu ios without jailbreak

  • Tap the blue button and the download will start.
  • Agree to all the term and conditions while installing Tongbu.
  • When you will try to start Tongbu after installation, you might see an error “Untrusted Developer”.
  • So fo to the “Settings” >> “General” >> “Profile & Device Management”.
  • There at the end you’ll see a something like “cheryemcadams5500”. Tap on that.
  • Now select “Trust” in the next page.
  • This will make your iPhone trust the developers of Tongbu.
  • Now go back to the Main Screen and locate the Tongbu app icon.
  • Tap on the icon and start the Tongbu app.
  • This time you’ll get no error and the Tongbu app will work fluently.

Now, we have successfully executed Tongbu iOS no jailbreak technique. But, you will find that everything written in the app is in Chinese language. You can however, just search the app by name and download it without having to understand much in the Chinese language. You can get any damn paid app for iOS absolutely free on Tongbu.

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Alternatives To Tongbu : Appcola, Aptoide & Hipstore

Tongbu App For iOS In English

If you’re having troubles while using Tongbu because of Chinese language, then you can work on the Tongbu sync assistant on your PC or Mac. The Tongbu sync assistant is pretty much structured in English and you can play with it well. Simply start the Tongbu sync assistant and download any app you wish on the Tongbu assistant. After you’re done downloading apps in the Tongbu assistant, connect your iPhone/iPad with the PC or Mac.

You can easily synchronize all the apps downloaded on the assistant with your iPhone. This way your iPhone/iPad will receive all the apps you need from Tongbu. Your problems with language in Tongbu will get resolved using this technique. Sadly, there is not Tongbu english version which you can download. But, we have emailed the developers of Tongbu app requesting them to launch Tongbu app in english as soon as possible. We hope they ackowledge the demands of people and take actions accordingly. Till then you can use the above method suggested for using Tongbu app in english for iPhone without jailbreak.


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