Download Smart Poke 2 APK : PokeVision Alternative

Last week Pokemon Go officials had announced that they will be removing the steps from the near by Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Ever since then, many apps like PokeVision are coming to pacify this need. PokeVision attracted so many Pokemon Trainers that it’s website crashed and ultimately the Pokemon Go took their website down. Since then, people are trying to find alternatives to PokeVision. Smart Poke 2 is one of the best alternatives to PokeVision I’ve come around. You can download Smart Poke 2 APK from here.

download smart poke 2 apk

How Is Smart Poke 2 Useful?

Smart Poke 2 has not only filled the void that was created by the absence of PokeVision, it has also brought some new features. First of all, it shows a map around your area, and Pokemon which are available in that region. But, they have also included some add on. For instance, your smartphone will vibrate every time there is a Pokemon around. So you can just keep your phone in the pocket and get notified as and when a Pokemon is near.

If you find this feature annoying, then you can also disable these notifications. They have segregated this feature for rare Pokemon. Yes, even if don’t get notified for all other Pokemon, you can choose an option which will vibrate your smartphone, whenever there’s a rare Pokemon around. In their latest update to the Smart Poke 2 android app, the developers have increased the way map is visible.

Moreover, they have also increased the radius within which a Pokemon gets detected in Pokemon Go. This amazing Poke Radar or Poke Finder, server the best purpose of the Pokemon Trainers. They can travel anywhere without sticking their eyes on the smartphone all the time, and still know when a Pokemon pops up.

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How To Download Smart Poke 2 APK?

  1. Interestingly, Smart Poke 2 is available on the Google Play Store.
  2. So download Smart Poke 2 app from this link using your Google Play Store.
  3. Let the app get installed, and then start the app.
  4. You can then go to the settings after opening the app and do some configurations.
  5. For instance, check the “Auto Refresh” button.
  6. This will make sure that the map gets refreshed regularly.
  7. To set the amount of time after which the map gets refreshed, just below “Auto Refresh” set the “Refresh Delay”.
  8. If you’ve set the refresh delay as 5 min, then after every 5 min the Smart Poke Map will get refreshed automatically.

So this was the really simple method to download Smart Poke app for android. Though being an alternative to PokeVision, Smart Poke 2 is really good at what it does. You can find Pokemon in Pokemon Go using Smart Poke 2 APK efficiently. We have also written about other PokeVision alternatives like Skiplagged & PokeWhere. You can check them out as well.

One thing I’d like to mention is that, there’s a high chance of you getting a message like servers not found or map not getting loaded. This is because a lot of people are tying to access the Smart Poke 2 Pokemon Map. Hence, their servers are really busy. I would recommend you to keep trying or try after an hours or two and you’ll definitely be able to use the smart poke 2 app. Enjoy!