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If you’re following the latest updates about Pokemon Go, then you must know that in the next update of Pokemon Go, the near by feature will be removed. This means that while playing Pokemon Go, you won’t be able to know what Pokemon are there around you. But, this will become really difficult as we will have no clue as to where should we move to find Pokemon. To solve this, many developers have come up with a new Poke Where app for android. You can download Poke Where apk for android and continue playing Pokemon Go just like before. Poke Where app behaves as an efficient Pokemon Locator.

download poke where app apk

What Is Poke Where & How It Works?

As I mentioned earlier Poke Where will perform a similar task like the near by feature of Pokemon Go. But, Poke Where will do it much better and efficient way. You will reap more benefits while using Poke Where than you did while using the near by option in the Pokemon Go. According to the developers of Poke Where android app, they are fetching the details of Pokemon in the map via Niantic API.

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The way Poke Where app works is really simple. When you open the Poke Where app, you’ll see a screen displaying a map. This map can be changed to spot any part in the world. If you enter the name of the area you’re currently in, you will see the map of the area. On this map you will find all the Pokemon which can be caught at that moment. However, these Pokemon will not be at that position forever, Just below the Pokemon in the map, there will be a timer. This timer represents the time left till that Pokemon disappears.

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poke where android app

So you should quickly move to the Pokemon you wish to catch by tracing the map around you. But, for that you’ll have to download Poke Where android APK. So let us know how to do that.

How To Download Poke Where APK Android?

  1. Visit this link.
  2. You will see the name of the Poke Where App.
  3. Scroll down a bit and you will find a button to download Poke Where APK.
  4. You will have to verify yourself by completing a captcha.
  5. After the captcha is verified, just click the download button.
  6. Download Poke Where apk and install.

Once the Poke Where android app is installed, start it. When you start the app, you may get something like “servers are currently overloaded due to recent increase in downloads. That is because a lot of people are currently download this app and that’s why their servers are not being able o respond everyone. But, just keep patience. Very soon their servers will respond and you will be able to use the Poke Where app for android to catch Pokemon quickly. This app, what we can say Pokemon Locator is really popular right now. I’m sure you will catch a lot of Pokemon using the Poke Where App.

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