Mios.Haimawan English Download For iOS 9/10 [Official Guide]

Mios.Haimawan English Download For iOS 9/10: Are you fed up with paying for every second app from the official app store? Are you looking to download paid iOS apps for free? You should probably try out this amazing app called Mios.Haimawan. The name of this app might sound weird to some, and so will the official app as it is in a different language. We will discuss the Mios.Haimawan English version in this article. You can download Mios.Haimawan app for iOS 9/10 here and install in your iPhone/iPad.

Most of the people who search for Mios.Haimawan iOS app is probably trying to get paid iOS apps for free. If this is not your first attempt for the same, then you should know about similar such apps. Tweakbox and Tutuapp are similar apps and they serve the same purpose. But, not all paid apps are available in each of these apps. So, you should have a mix of at least 2-3 apps like Mios.Haimawan. Mios.Haimawan Minecraft is the most popular thing which people search for. People are also looking to download Mios.Haimawan as GBA4iOS can be downloaded from it.

Mios.Haimawan iOS App Download

These are just some examples. But once you download Mios.Haimawan app for iOS, there will be many apps waiting for you in the app store. You don’t need to spend even a penny as the Mios.Haimawan comes completely free to download. Most of the latest iOS version is compatible with the Mios.Haimawan app. So you don’t really need to worry which version of iOS you are using, as Mios.Haimawan can fit well into most of them. The app is one of the best Cydia Alternative, just like Kuaiyong. The installation process of Mios.Haimawan is fairly simple, which I will explain very well here.

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You will, however, have to bear with the language of Mios.Haimawan app. As I said in the opening paragraph earlier, Mios.Haimawan app is developed in Chinese. The Mios.Haimawan English version has not yet been released officially. But due to the increasing demand, we have personally mailed the developers to think about it. The Mios.Haimawana, even though not in English version, shouldn’t be very difficult to work with. One can easily infer which app to download via icons and images. So let’s go ahead and discuss how you can download and install Mios.Haimawan iOS app.

Mios.Haimawan Download For iOS Without Jailbreak

I know many of you have already visited the official website of Mios.Haimawan. But, as we all know that the website is in Chinese, it is really difficult to understand anything. Therefore, we have curated a list of simple steps. Following these, you can easily download and install the Mios.Haimawan app in iOS devices, without jailbreak.

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  • Open Safari browser from iPhone/iPad.
  • Visit the official website of Mios.Haimawan, the link is mentioned below.


  • Wait for the website load fully.
  • A pop up will appear, which will have some text and an orange button.
  • Don’t bother what’s written there.
  • Just tap on the orange button.
  • You will be redirected to another page.
  • Here, tap on the install button to download Mios.Haimawan app.
  • Let the app download.

download Mios.Haimawan iOS app no jailbreak

  • While installation, if asked for, tap on confirm to complete the installation.
  • Once the installation is completed, go to the home screen.
  • Find the Mios.Haimawan app icon and tap on it to start.
  • You might get an error stating “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”.
  • So go to Settings>General>Profile & Device Management.
  • Select the developer of Mios.Haimawan and tap on “Trust”.
  • Now the Mios.Haimawan app should work fine.
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Following the steps above will lead to the successful installation of Mios.Haimawan app on your iOS device. In case you get an error like “Unable to download Mios.Haimawan”, then restart your iPhone/iPad and try again. If you still are unable to install Mios.Haimawan app, then you might want to try the date change trick. Go to the settings and change the date. Set it to any date before 2015. Now, try to install Mios.Haimawan app again. Let us know if this trick doesn’t work. We will try to figure out something else.

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Mios.Haimawan Minecraft Installation Tutorial [iPhone/iPad]

As the app is in Chinese language, I want to show you guys how exactly you can download apps from Mios.Haimawan. Since Minecraft is really popular all over the world, I’ve take it as an example for this tutorial. iPhone and iPad, both the devices will share the same procedure.

  1. Tap on the Mios.Haimawan app to start.
  2. Look for the search bar on top of the screen.
  3. Tap on it and type “Minecraft”. Hit search button.
  4. No need to scroll much, you’ll get the Minecraft app in the first few results.
  5. Use the icon to identify.
  6. Tap on it and check the blue button beneath the screenshots.

Mios.Haimawan Minecraft Download

  1. Tap on that blue button to initiate the installation.
  2. Select install and let the app do the work.
  3. In few minutes, when installation gets completed, exit Mios.Haimawan.
  4. Tap on the Minecraft app icon to start the game.
  5. If you get the error message “Untrusted Developer”, follow the same procedure like before.
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So that’s about it. You can simply replicate this process to download as many app as you want from Mios.Haimawan. Isn’t is great? No money needed. Every single app which is listed in Mios.Haimawan can be downloaded free of cost. iOS users can leverage much from these type of apps. For android users also, there are many such apps. One of them is Aptoide, which is immensely popular. I hope you won’t face any difficulty while installation of Mios.Haimawan. We are here to help you anyways. Comment down any queries you have regarding Mios.Haimawan.

Mios.Haimawan Installation [Video Tutorial]


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