Download Aptoide APK For PC And Android

Number of apps available are growing at a pace similar to that of world population. Android being the most used platform in world after iOS serves many smartphones with numerous apps. Searching for new apps only on the Play Store just makes the whole thing boring. You need something like Aptoide, to taste some interesting third party apps which are not available in the play store. Not just the smartphone, you can download aptoide for pc as well. We will explain everything you need to know about aptoide in this article. You can even download aptoide apk from here.

download aptoide apk for android/PC

What Exactly Is Aptoide?

Once can thing of it as a sibling of play store. What do you get in the play store? Apps, correct? What will you get in Aptoide? Apps, eh! How is it different then? Well, if you don’t know, Google Play Store approves, and hence publishes, only handful of apps which it receives. Why does it discards the rest? Because, they are somewhat unethical or don’t comply with play store policies. Do these apps land up in trash then? Hell no. They get uploaded on 3rd party app stores like Aptoide app. Only few people who are aware about these kind of app stores get access to those restricted apps.

Wait, it’s not over yet. Apart from some new and undiscovered apps, you can also find some really good premium apps on Aptoide, for free. Yes, the apps which demand money on Play store can be downloaded for free from Aptoide. There’s still something left. The apps which are blocked in some regions can also be accessed from Aptoide. For instance, if Pokemon Go has not yet been released in you country, you can download Aptoide apk and from there download Pokemon Go apk. Now isn’t this shit cool? Why not try it out yourself?

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How To Download Aptoide Apk For Android?

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Download aptoide apk from there.
  3. Install the apk in your smartphone.
  4. Go to the home screen.
  5. Start Aptoide app.

Wallah! It’s done & dusted. I recommend you to trust us and try out the aptoide app just once and be ready to get surprised. In fact, such is the response that more people are trying to get aptoide app for PC as well. So in case you too want to join the league, follow the steps given below and install aptoide in PC.

How To Download Aptoide For PC?

  1. Download Bluestacks Or Nox App Player.
  2. Both of them are android emulators.
  3. Install them in your desktop or laptop.
  4. Now, download atoide apk from here.
  5. In you desktop, right click on the aptoide apk.
  6. Select open with Blustacks/Nox App Player.
  7. The aptoide app will get installed in android emulator.
  8. Open the aptoide app from the Blustacks/Nox App Player.

I’ve mentioned Blustacks and Nox App Player here because I find them most comfortable to use. Any other android emulator can also be used. Aptoide app would work well with any of them. But choose one appropriately, as some of them lack a lot and you would end up with a bad experience. I want you guys to leverage the advantages of the aptoide app for android and PC to the maximum.

How To Use Aptoide App For PC/Android?

  1. Start aptoide app.
  2. App store like interface will be displayed.
  3. Browse the apps from the categories.
  4. Check out some of the popular apps.
  5. Or search for any app in the search app.
  6. Tao on any app which you decide to download.
  7. You will see a download button and the description of that app.
  8. Just tap on download.
  9. The app wil get installed in a few minutes.
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Nothing new here. Even a layman can perform those steps. It’s all about how you want to use the app. I usually prefer to scan through categories and find the latest releases. Every 2-3 days I find a couple of interesting apps on Aptoide. I haven’t used aptoide for PC yet as I like it in smartphone. Aptoide android app is good as well. Kept aside all the utilities that aptoide offers, the user interface and aesthetics of the app is beyond expectations. I always feel as if I’m using an official app store while playing with aptoide. If you’re lost in thoughts as to which app you should try out through aptoide, you can follow our suggested picks below.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition On Aptoide

Minecraft stays the most popular app since years. Not an iota of popularity has been dropped even after so many years of its release. To take on the pocket edition of adventures and a pinch of strategy in a game, download minecraft pokect aptoide version. Also, you can download the premium version of minecraft, which is paid, from aptoide for free of cost.

We will update some more popular apps which can be downloaded from Aptoide app store regularly. By Meanwhile, you can watch a video below, which shows the usage and installation of the Aptoide android app.