Download 4399 APK For Android [Free App Store]

Download 4399 APK For Android: It becomes very frustrating and tiresome when you have to just switch on to different screens with different logo to play different games. The ads which come whenever you open a new application makes it more irritating. Also, it becomes tough to check your progress on every game. The mini-games could be super fun and could be a stress buster for you but playing them by installing them separately might not be your preference. Today we will introduce you to an alternative play store for android, 4399 apk.

Imagine a simple application with a download size of only 24.72 MB which in the end won’t back off your cell phone. Yes! 4399 is the app for you. The application offers you to download four games, namely: 7k7k, Ball Color Switch, Ball Shooter and Color Wheel.  4399 is evaluated 3+ on 5 and is offered by Third Face.

download 4399 apk for android

Around 10,000+ introduces have as of now been done in the blink of an eye, and there is the positive reaction from every one of the clients who used 4399. Likewise, this is application is easy to use and have similarly basic and clear interface making it simple for all to utilize. Capacity has been an outstanding issue in today’s cell phones, and our engineers have dealt with it. There are many such android play store like 4399. Some of the popular ones include freestore, appdroid & Downloadatoz.

Games Offered Under 4399 App Store

  1. 7k7k: 7k7k is a Zig-Zag game where you have an excellent time. The ball in this game has endless turns. The best you can do is turn the ball at the right minute by utilizing the swipe choice and prevent the ball from falling. To change the directions, tap on the screen.
  2. Ball Color Switch: In this game, all you gave to do is jump up and up and make sure that ball doesn’t collide with the walls. To prevent the collision continue tapping on the screen to bounce and change the shading.
  3. Switch, Ball Shooter: In this game, you just need to avoid the balls to collide with walls. Just tap on the screen to shoot the ball out of the box.
  4. Color Wheel: This game deals with the color match. All you need to do it just tap on the screen to match the color of your stick and the wheel.
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How To Download 4399 APK For Android?

  • First of all, you need to download 4399 APK from Google Play Store or third party sources. If you have downloaded the APK from third party sources, then follow the further steps.

Download Here

  • If you have downloaded it on your Computer or tablet, exchange it for your Android cell phone utilizing a USB connection or Bluetooth innovation
  • Once it is on your phone, locate it from the Downloads folder or using any File Manager app
  • Install the 4399 APK file by taking after the well-ordered on-screen directions and furthermore permitting your telephone to introduce outside applications (go to Settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources and check the alternative)
  • Voila! You can now utilize 4399 application to play best mini games with unlimited fun.

4399 is thereby one of the most useful and significant applications for all the users out there. It offers a variety of games under one roof which makes it comparatively easy for the user. We hope our article has brief you with every one of the points of interest required to introduce 4399 APK. Feel free to share this article and remark underneath on the off chance that you have any questions or proposals. Continue going to us for more well-informed articles.