Download iEnchantify iOS Without Jailbreak [Pokemon Go]

The world has seen a lot in last two weeks. Pokemon Go has rolled over the world in a way no iOS or android app could. But many questions are being arising. What is iEnchantify? How to download Pokemon Go with iEnchantify? How to download iEnchantify for iOS? Will I have to jailbreak my iPhone for using iEnchantify? We are here to answer all your questions about iEnchantify and Pokemon Go. You can download iEnchantify and then using it download Pokemon Go hacked version by the tutorial we are going to present. So check it out.

download ienchantify pokemon go

There are basically two reasons why everyone if looking for iEnchantify app for iOS. First one is the most popular. Pokemon Go has not released all over the world and hence people in the rest of world want Pokemon Go. iEnchantify can help you download Pokemon Go anywhere in the world, that too the hacked version of Pokemon Go.

Why iEnchantify For Pokemon Go?

The second reason why iEnchantify is popular is because it’s a great alternative to Cydia. Cydia is basically an app store for all the iOS device owners. Specifically for those iPhone/iPad user who have jailbroken their devices. Cydia is an app store for such jailbroken devices from where one can download free iOS tweaks. iEnchantify is the similar thing, but it’s new in the town and hence less popular. But after released the hacked version of Pokemon Go on iEnchantify, it has become the talk of the town.

Download Poke Vision App [Pokemon Locator]

You can download Pokemon Go using iEnchantify without even having to jailbreak your iPhone. For all the android user, I would recommend you to download Tutuapp which does the same thing for you. iEnchantify is specifically made for the iOS users. So I’m going to explain you how to download iEnchantify without jailbreak and use it to download Pokemon Go anywhere.

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iEnchantify | Download Pokemon Go Anywhere

  • Go to this link. Download Pokemon Go Using iEnchantify
  • Make sure you go to this link using an iPhone/iPad.
  • You will see an install button.
  • Tap that button and and wait for some time.
  • You will be asked for confirmation to install Pokemon Go.
  • Accept it and in no time Pokemon Gi will get installed in your iPhone/iPad.
  • This method will work anywhere in the world and without jailbreak.

This was the method to download Pokemon Go using iEnchantify. But in case you’re happy with iEnchantify’s version of Pokemon Go, then you even installed the iEnchantify app store in your iPhone/iPad to download such app regularly. iEnchantify periodically updates it’s app store with latest app for iOS with large number of perks.

Install | Download iEnchantify iOS Without Jailbreak

  • Go to this link www.iosem .us
  • There you will find a download button besides logo of Apple.
  • Download iosem from there.
  • Now when you start it, it will warn you that developer is not trusted.
  • So go to Settings>>General>>User Profile & App Management and under that select the iosem.
  • Select trust developer and confirm the same.
  • Now open iosem app and search for iEnchantify there.
  • You will find iEnchantify among the results.
  • Download and install iEnchantify.
  • Now in the menu you will find the iEnchantify icon.
  • Click that icon and start iEnchantify.
  • If is displays a message that developer is not trusted, then repeat the process we did above.

That’s it. We have also listed below a video for the process that I just explained. You can even watch the video to get a fair idea. I hope I was able to help you in downloading Pokemon Go using iEnchantify. You can also check out other useful stuff on our blog. We have written about many such app stores for iOS as well as android. Enjoy!

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  1. Don’t hack u faggot kys

    • I agree mate. I’ve thereby also mentioned that one should avoid this technique and rather promote fair play. Pokemon Go can be enjoyed best only by getting out of the house.

  2. My friend Shaun is a faggot and uses the hack don’t spoil the game for people that aren’t lazy and actually do things with their life u shit stain

  3. gianluca says

    hi. i’ve a problem with the modded app. now the game spawn the player in the sea and it’s invisible… all pokestops are disappeared and when i press on the arrows the player dowsn’t move

    • Don’t know about the sea situation. Regarding arrow, don’t just tap it, you’ve keep holding it and then drag it in the direction you want to move.

      • maybe i found the solution for my problem. I read on reddit that you have to restore your character on default one… so you don’t have to customize the player… unfortunately i can’t test it because pokemon go of tutuapp is still offline. any solutions?

  4. Hi. I’ve a problem with the app. When I tried to open the app this morning , she told me that the app will not be available until the internal developer will not be authorized . Later I tried downloading the app from the website it says ” could not be downloaded”. Solution?

  5. Att få alla Pokémon fugurer

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